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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide – How to Farm Silver, and Recommended Weapons and Gears Locations


Stock up on forex and discover the entire weapons and armor.

Silver is your predominant forex in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s used to buy supplies, particularly hard-to-find ones like Nickel Ingots, and can also be used to rent raiders in your crew. As such, discovering it isn’t arduous – merely discover camps and different areas, looting as many close by sources as attainable to earn some. Also be sure to regulate Trinkets since they are often offered for a good quantity.

Otherwise, you’ll need to embark on raids – these will internet varied treasures and slain foes can be looted for Silver. In city, there are Flytings and Drinking Contests that you could guess on which offer a pleasant quantity of Silver with every win.

Recommended Starting Weapons and All Gear Locations

Despite having a loot system, you’ll be shocked at how pared down Valhalla is in contrast to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You’ll obtain Varin’s Axe early within the sport and it’s value upgrading for the primary a number of hours. Pair this with the Iron-Star Flail which might be discovered north of Kjotve’s Fortress in Rygjafylke. Those preferring a extra defensive possibility ought to go for a defend.

Other helpful weapons you’ll come throughout embrace Fafnir’s Fang, a spear gained from defeating Erik Loyalskull. It’s very helpful for poking at vary and hitting a number of enemies without delay. Travel north from Fornburg to discover it in a cave. Let’s check out different weapons and gear, a minimum of these found up until Sciropescire. First, there’s the Rygjafylke area:

  • Yngling Seax Weapon – Raven Gear Dagger. Located in Stavanger by dropping by a gap in the home’s roof.
  • Fine Hammer – Raven Gear War Hammer. Head to the Marauder’s Den and search for the hanging platform in a tree. Climb the home reverse to it and leap throughout.
  • Bone Biter – Wolf Gear Fine Dane Axe. On the area map, search for a small island referred to as Ikke en Oy. The weapon is situated in the home on this island.
  • Recurve Bow – Raven Gear Fine Predator Bow. Located in an underground room discovered by touring north-west from Haervik Shipyard.
  • Iron-Star – Bear Gear Fine Flail. As famous above, it’s situated north of Kjotve’s Fortress. Look for a home and you’ll discover it inside.

Next up, let’s have a look at all of the gear from the Ledecestrescire area.

  • Skadi’s Wrath – Bear Gear Fine Light Bow. Located within the church south of Ledecestrescire.
  • Hidden Ones’ Gloves – Raven Gear Superior Bracers. Head to the Ratae Bureau – you’ll see some weights hanging from the ceiling. Shoot the hook and the weights will break by the ground to the cellar. Venture to the cellar to discover the gloves.
  • Hrafn Guard – Raven Gear Fine Light Shield. Travel north-east from Alcestre Monastery till you occur on a temple. Climb from the again and shoot the door bolt to open the doorway. You’ll have to combat some enemies inside so fefeat them and loot the Hrafn Guard from the chest.
  • Huntsman Helm – Wolf Gear Superior Helmet. Travel north-west from Tonnastadir till you discover a longhouse. Acquire a key from there and use it to unlock the key passage the place the helm awaits.
  • Huntsman Cloak – Wolf Gear Superior Cloak. Head to Templebrough Fort’s north-west half. Look for a dangling block and shoot it. This will crash by the bottom – leap into the outlet the place the cloak is situated.
  • Fyrd Spear – Raven Gear Fine Spear. Head to Offchurch’s crypt and earlier than preventing the Skirmisher, search for a destructible wall on the left. Destroy it, swim into the water and finally you’ll discover a chest with the spear.

Next, let’s have a look at the entire gear and weapons in Grantebridgescire.

  • Huntsman Vambraces – Wolf Gear Superior Braces. During the World Event “Skal to Your Wealth” (which is north-west of Besumcen), you’ll find yourself in a pit. The braces are discovered within the chest.
  • Kite Shield – Bear Gear Fine Heavy Shield. Go west from the Medleburne Grantebridgescire area. You’ll finally uncover a hut guarded by numerous powerful enemies. Take them down and then head inside to declare the Kite Shield.
  • Huntsman Armor – Wolf Gear Superior Torso. Remember the place you picked up Skadi’s Wrath? The Huntsman Armor is in a constructing subsequent to it.
  • Housecarl’s Axe – Wolf Gear Superior Bearded Axe. After finishing the “Skal to Your Wealth” World Event, head west of Middeltun. Fight the Brandisher and then use the important thing from the World Event to receive the Housecarl’s Axe.
  • Thor’s Pants – Travel north of the Isle of Ely Monastery. There shall be a boss at this location – defeat it and the pants are yours.
  • Huntsman Breeches – Wolf Gear Superior Pants. Venture to the Soham Hideout and search for a hut to discover the breeches.

Now, let’s have a look at the gear and weapons you will discover in East Anglia.

  • Magister’s Cloak – Raven Gear Superior Cloak. Venture to Serpent’s Landing and search for a purple tent. Pick up the important thing from the desk exterior and then search across the western half to discover the cloak.
  • Thor’s Helmet – This one’s a bit difficult. First, you want to defeat the Daughters of Lerion – Regan, Cordelia and Goneril – and receive their daggers. Cordelia and Regan are in East Anglia whereas Goneril is in Grantebridgescire. Once that is carried out, journey east of King’s Bury till you discover a secret entrance that leads underground. There shall be three statues to place the daggers in. Do this and Thor’s Helmet is yours.
  • Magister’s Mask – Raven Gear Superior Helm. During the raid in King’s Bury, open the principle door of the church to discover the masks.
  • Plank and Buckler – Bear Gear Superior Heavy Shield. Search the caves in East Anglia till you discover a guard. Take the important thing subsequent to him and then enterprise forth till you discover a destructible wall. Throw a torch by the hole to blow it up and step inside to gather the defend.
  • Carolingian Longsword – Bear Gear Superior Great Sword. Look for a tent within the Forest Hideout – the sword shall be inside.

Next, let’s have a look at gear within the Oxenefordscire area.

  • Magister’s Pants – Travel north of Oxeneforda till you discover a church. Defeat the guards and then shoot the window within the center to climb inside. You’ll discover a huge stone that homes a key. Pick it up (the important thing, not the stone) and then climb out of the window, heading upwards. The Magister’s Pants shall be inside a chest above.
  • Magister’s Tunic – Located north-east of Oxeneforda in a garrison. Through the villa, use the fireplace pots to enter and receive the tunic.
  • Brigandine Cape – Travel north-west of Quatford and search for a destructible wall. The cape shall be inside it.

Finally, let’s have a look at gear that may be discovered within the Sciropescire area.

  • Brigandine Helm – Located to the east of the Hill Gate Remnants. Look for a chest with Odin Vision.

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