ARK Extinction Structures Guide – Cryofridge, OSD, Taxidermy, City Terminal


Among the host of new content that comes along with the Extinction DLC are a bunch of new structures which can be used by you in a plethora of different ways. They have tons of different benefits and our ARK Extinction Structures Guide will take you through them all one by one so that you can understand how to effectively use them.

ARK Extinction Structures

The new structures have a lot of varied uses as you would expect them to. Many of them are not that useful and often are only used as a cosmetic display for one of the things that you did in the game.

However, some of them are especially useful and add mechanics to the game which could end up completely changing the way that you play the game.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the new structures in the game along with how to best use them. Remember that our ARK Structures Guide is a work-in-progress and we will continue to update it.

City Terminal

The City Terminal is a place that has a few uses but is not extremely important. Mainly, it is used for crafting various different Engrams like the Scout and the Enforcer.

These Terminals can be found in the Great City. There are many of them so finding them should not be that difficult. You will probably have memorized their locations soon enough.


The Cryofridge is pretty much the only structure in the game which can be used to charge Cryopods.

Although there are other items such as the Refrigerator which can be used to slow down the decay that occurs when the Cryopod has a creature inside it, the Cryofridge is the only item that can also restore the decay of the pod if it is kept inside it long enough.

As long as you are powering the fridge, you can store your Cryopods inside it and they will last forever.

Orbital Supply Drop

The Orbital Supply Drop comes into the game from a meteor drop. It has the potential to kill anything it falls on and destroy anything that is in its path.

When you trigger this drop, there will be a protective forcefield which will start to spawn Corrupted Creatures around it.

Whenever the forcefield is damaged, it starts to spread outwards but does not recharge. Eventually, it powers down and never respawns on the same drop again.

If it drops down to 0 health, then it is destroyed and no one is able to salvage anything from it. There are waves of enemies from whom you need to defend the drop if you want to avail the contents inside.

In order to be able to open the drop, you need to take out at least 5 waves. Once you have done that, you can eject the items out. Remember that others can get the item drop too, so be careful of people stealing your drops.

Taxidermy Bases

There are a total of 3 different Taxidermy Bases which are known as Small, Medium and Large. These bases can be used to mount the Dermis of creatures through a stuffed display to show off the creatures that you have killed or tamed. It does not seem to have any utility apart from a graphical one at this moment.