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Welcome to a Q&A video! We’re answering a bunch including are early game champions in league now useless? What’s the most fun role in League & More! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Q&A.

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  1. All you said about going back to the educational roots of the channel has me literally squirming in my seat with anticipation <3 you have no idea how long I've wanted to ask you why the change even came about, so I'm super happy you explained it now. Thank you for the video Huzz, looking forward to the new EUNE series now!

  2. I started playing League in early 2013 and found you in mid 2014 and climbed up into mid Plat that same season, as of mid 2018 I no longer play the game (I come back time to time for a few days but just to customs or game modes with friends) You've stayed a fav Youtuber of mine and I come by streams sometimes too. You're awesome, keep doing what you're doing.
    Side note I am also moving from New York to California myself and I understand moving is stressful.

  3. I think both you and me have a favorite play style more than a favorite champion. Personally, my favorite play style is the ranged late game hypercarry. From your videos, I know you've said that your favorite is role is the marksman, but you won't main bot lane due to having to rely on a support. Other than that, it seems like your favorite role is either the ranged mage or the bruiser.

  4. But thinking further if nobody will play any early game champs and everybody switches to lategame champs the game will become stale and long. I don’t think it’s a healthy state of the game where lategame champs are the only viable option because everybody just plays passive. The thing is not everything is decided by the landing phase an early game oriented champ does have more pressure with more pressure come objectives (rift,towers etc.) and with objectives comes the win in most cases. Because playing passive sure works but playing passive enables the early game let’s say toplaner to get rift (since more pressure) and rotate in mid and make plays happen and to end the game. Sadly in lower elos people don’t understand the importance that early game champs have it’s not about always winning your laning phase but to make plays happen and get objectives.

  5. I feel like the comment on League difficulty vs FPS games is a lot more difficult to quantify than put out. Of course, when I think of "FPS" my first thought goes to TF2. If you understand both games then it's pretty obvious that TF2's mechanical depth absolute dwarfs anything League has, but League's macro dwarfs anything TF2 has. Both games have both to contend with and you'll want to be good in both aspects to be a top-level player, but it's two different kind of difficulties.

  6. Thank you so much for the videos Huzzy!
    Riot should make a more in-depth tutorial for LOL because the learning curve is SO steep. I started playing in season 7 and I remember being so confused because I had no idea of what was even going on. Like when I was around level 10 I thought the other team was cheating because they were "glitching" through walls, not knowing flash was even a thing. I just hope Riot makes the game easier for the new people that are going to play League

  7. What you said at around 23:00 about focusing on fun rather than climbing is very true. Fun fact, I don't even play the game but I still enjoy your content 🙂

  8. LUL the title, early game champs decide the game. Because you teammate is guaranteed to feed to them.

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