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Apex Legends Guide – Where To Find Loot, Guns, and Weapons


A guide on where you can find crucial stuff in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends was launched recently and already over a 1 million people are playing it. Given that the game is new, some players may not be aware on how they can get hold of in-game loot. In this guide we are going to point some locations where you can find loot, guns and weapons in Apex Legends.

  • When the game begins, the full map will be shown off to you with a moving supply ship. You need to land on this ship. However, note that, other players will also do the same.
  • You will also come across blue circles on the game’s map. These are risky areas but there are some awesome weapons with attachments in there.
  • You will also find stuff scattered in buildings and in loot crates.

Since the game has just launched, we don’t have a list of every location where you can find loot, guns and weapons but the videos below will help you get some awesome stuff.