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ANNIE! THE COUNTER TO DIANA! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re taking part in some Annie! She’s a very good choose for climbing with as she will be able to make a big effect with out being insanely onerous. I battle typically Vs Diana however it appears Annie is a superb choice! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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ANNIE! THE COUNTER TO DIANA! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Brother, if you are ever blessed to have kids of your own, you will then understand that whole nap thing.

  2. Maybe what riot can do to make their game much balance is to make a game mode where you play any of the champion without items to tell if this champion is to overpowered or not

  3. i take naps every so now and then. it helps me Rest my head when i over think stuff. or over do my body when Working out xD

  4. 24:45 huzzy trying to give a optimistic answer when we all know the community has only been getting worse……oh the optimism and faith in riot…..i remember that once…i think

  5. I’m always very selective when it comes to league YouTubers because I find most of them boring. You’d think a Britt with a calm voice and even calmer attitude would be exactly that but I’ve loved your videos since the first one I watched, keep it up!

  6. So I may be wrong but I think it might have been impossibe for Kayn to go Red this game, your entire team is ranged (lucian, annie, nida, ashe & thresh?).

    Not sure what stacks Thresh gives tbh but regardless it would have been really hard for him to get Red this game. There was an option of just chilling for 10 minutes but honestly they ware so far behind it would have been really rough to put of the trasformation powerspike.

  7. Are you ever going to try rylai's liandry's build on annie? It's super fun to have a strong tibbers messing up fights!

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