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ANNIE DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE! INSANE MATCH! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re taking part in some Annie for some large burst injury! We’re towards a Zoe which lots of gamers in League battle to beat. This recreation turns into a bit of an insane one! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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ANNIE DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. lots of love from brazil, huzzy! you are amazing, I watch your videos everyday until I fall asleep, keep up with the good work ❤️

  2. Huzzy, I enjoy watching your games but your attitude towards the game is really getting to me. You always make it seem as if you have the worst team and you’re always the best. I hope you can become more humble as your videos are enjoyable otherwise.

  3. You're my favourite youtuber simply because you're just being yourself instead of trying to be all crazy.

  4. hey huzz have u ever considered going arcane comet and building rylias liandrys on her, cause of her interaction with how arcane comet and cheap shot proc off of tibbers. This build is proven to do a lot of true damage and also tibbers goes crazy in teamfights. This build is also recommended by someone like LS who is known as the annie salesman. Thx for the vids keep it up just a friendly sugggestion from a friendly person

  5. you doesn't seem to be using that feature so I'd say it you can use you're E without wasting you're stun fore the engage with the movement speed.

  6. Just looked at a few recent tournament games and Kassadin was not picked or banned in the ones I sampled. I don't play him myself so I don't care if he is nerfed. But he may not be that bad? I wonder if there is a way to make him harder to play so that he is nerfed for average players but not pros.

  7. Death's dance would be ok without the Damage reduction, or if it gave the damage reduction take away its tank stats. Its too powerful as a tank/damage/AND lifesteal item.

    You are so right Huzzy, Riot doesn't balance their game properly, they do it almost exclusively by stats which is dumb. The most popular game on the planet and HUNDREDS of popular YouTube channels, Professional players, etc. The Most effective way would be to take an aggregate of the lists these sites put out, professionals opinions and Riots own data. Its literally not even that difficult to do.

  8. I pick Kass mid whenever he's open. Yes he's strong for being so easy to play and prob deserves a nerf, but I also think there should be a big payoff for your patience in the early game. Honestly without jungle pressure he feels like a minion vs people who know what to do against him in lane phase. A bit like Kayle and Vayne, I guess. I think its okay for league to have these types of champs.

  9. Two small magical children battling in mid lane. Zoe is healthier to the game over Ekko or Kass. An assassin that can go all in and say "Nah" is unhealthy. Kass just scales so much.

    Agreed DD is a horrible item. It needs to be removed like Spear of Shojin was. Rito stop adding overpowered items into the game.

  10. I know that Huzzy was saying how broken Kassadin is, but I think Riot needs to remove Death's Dance from the game first. An insanely broken, lvl 18 kassadin with full items could not oneshot the Ezreal (@43:47). Death's Dance is more broken than Kassadin in my opinion.

  11. Typical game against Annie looks something like this:
    Enemy mid:Ha poor Annie! She is so simple, so immobile! She can't do anything against my superior mechanical sk…. And im dead…

  12. Long games on the main account. But its really entertaining to watch so thanks for the enjoyable content huzz you Pleb

  13. 32:35 The poor Tibbers, it's just like in horror movies, he just vanished… :O
    ( the sound of kassadin's ability makes it much better )

  14. Has anyone else noticed all the recent Anne games have gone long? This is not me complaining btw, in fact the opposite. More Anne content 🙂

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