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ANNIE ARE YOU OK? DIAMOND PROMO! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends


Today we’re in our Diamond promo for the primary time for Season 10. We’re enjoying Annie and we’re towards a odd Yasuo OTP. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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ANNIE ARE YOU OK? DIAMOND PROMO! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends

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  1. Huzz something just occured to me. You know how Quinn is the champion without a role because she was designed to be melee and developed to be ranged? He has more of a role, but didnt the inverse happen to Yasuo? He's everything you want in an AD except he's melee.

  2. i still like that there is such a big difference of what champs people think sucks depending on what elo you are playing in, like in plat and lower, you do not want to have things like azir and sol in ur team because almost no1 knows what they are doing with those champs in that elo. and amumu is really good in plat and lower but sucks at higher elo. (i know why it is like that but i just think its funny)

  3. Hey huzz i always noticed that your videos load faster and better than any other youtubers videos are you using any kind of specific setting while recording or editing ?
    Love your content by the way .

  4. annie has massive potential. i picked her a few times step by step last time i played i think i got mejaya full stacks
    also amumu is good huzzy, as surprising as it may be but hes great counter against assasins in teamfights. i mean yeah its like his normal gank style but in a team he shines. every time ive played amumu he had hard countered assasin, no exception

  5. A question. What makes lucian and Tristana mid cheese picks but not something like Camille. None of them are designed to go mid and in the Camille episode huzz showed how she can be used to abuse peoples picks, just like tristana and lucian.

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