Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day DIY Recipes Guide


It’s time to have fun thanksgiving with the Animal Crossings Turkey Day occasion that brings new Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day DIY Recipes. How to seek out these? What are the DIY recipes? and far more shall be answered on this information.

Franklin will provoke the occasion on 26th November by arriving in your village round 6 am. There is rather a lot to on this occasion and you’ll certainly get to get pleasure from thanksgiving.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day DIY Recipes

Franklin will need you to cook dinner the recipes he asks you for which you’ll have to collect components.

Some components shall be pretty straightforward to seek out. These are largely the identical components from the Turkey Day occasions earlier than however there are some secret components too that Franklin won’t let you know about.

Secret Ingredients
The secret ingredient is one thing that you’ll finally work out as you put together the recipe particularly requested by Franklin. He will solely offer you a touch.

As this recipe could possibly be totally different for everybody so there is no such thing as a option to verify what it is going to be.

The excellent news is that it’s one of many recipes that the villagers have already created earlier than so all you might want to do is to get help from them.

All Ingredients
As of now, we are able to guess what shall be all of the components that you’d want to arrange the DIY recipes.

Make certain you stack these up effectively in order that if you begin crafting them you don’t should go gather them once more. Most of the components might be present in abundance round in your island.

In case you’re unfortunate amassing the components by yourself you may commerce some with the villagers that can already be busy cooking.

Nevertheless, the components that you’ll require for the recipes you might want to cook dinner in Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day Event are:

  • Manila Clams
  • Orange, Green, White, and Yellow Pumpkins
  • Mussel
  • Round, flat, skinny mushrooms
  • Oyster
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Sea Bass
  • Olive Flounder
  • Dab
  • Red Snapper
  • Barred Knifejaw
  • Squid and sea urchin if in southern hemisphere


Now that you’re achieved gathering the required components its time to go again to Franklin so you’ll be able to ask him what he must be ready.

You want to finish the recipes so that you simply get the DIY crafting methods for the Turkey Day furnishings.

The recipes that you’re more than likely to cook dinner in order that Franklin provide the Turkey Day  furnishings crafting methods are:

  • Clam Chowder – 3 Manila Clams, add Scallop as the key ingredient
  • Pumpkin Pie – 1 Orange Pumpkin and random second coloration pumpkin ,two different coloration pumpkins needs to be added as secret components
  • Seafood Gratin – Mussel and both spherical, flat, or skinny mushrooms or an oyster with Dungeness Crab because the Secret Ingredient
  • Southern hemisphere swaps squid and sea urchin for the mushrooms/oyster
  • Fish Meuniere – Sea bass and both olive flounder, dab, or crimson snapper and likewise add Barred Knifejaw as the key ingredient

Turkey Day DIY Furniture Set

As you full the dishes required by Franklin in ACNH you’re going to get the method to crafting the DIY furnishings set!

Some of those shall be obtainable to be bought from Nook’s Cranny, the subsequent day after the occasion.

Anyway, you might want to know what you is perhaps anticipating and the way you’ll have to craft them. Following are the gadgets:

Turkey Day Flooring
This won’t should be crafted quite to be obtained from Franklin immediately by finishing your third dish.

Turkey Day Rug
Same because the Flooring however you’re going to get it after the primary dish. So be sure to get this from franklin

Turkey Day Wall
Cook your second dish to acquire this from Franklin immediately. Once once more no dish with secret components is required to be cooked for this one.

Turkey Day Casserole
5 iron nuggets and 1 clay shall be required for this one. You will get the recipe after making ready 4 dishes utilizing secret components

Turkey Day Chair
5 wooden, 2 hardwood and a couple of softwood are the principle components for this chair and clearly you might want to put together 4 dishes with secret components to acquire the recipe

Turkey Day Decorations
2 softwood, 5 weeds and a couple of clay are the principle components. Get the recipe by following the 4 dishes with secret components step

Turkey Day Garden Stand
8 stones and three clays shall be required for this merchandise. For the recipe cook dinner 4 dishes with secret ingredinets

Turkey Day Hearth
1 campfire, 30 stones and 10 clay! But you’ll have to put together 4 dishes with secret components for this one too.

Turkey Day Table Setting
4 clay and a couple of iron nuggets shall be wanted. To get the recipe, you already know the drill

Turkey Day Wheat Decor
10 weeds solely, will do the job. But make Franklin pleased with 4 dishes utilizing secret components

You solely must cook dinner the fourth dish for this one.

That’s all for ACNH Turkey Day Guide. So be sure to collect all of the required components after which craft them well timed!

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