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AN INSANE BLITZCRANK CARRY! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


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Hey guys! Today we’re enjoying Blitzcrank and we have now an awesome recreation! League has been irritating lately however when you might have video games like these it feels nice! Like, Comment & Subscribe! league of Legends Blitzcrank Support gameplay.

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AN INSANE BLITZCRANK CARRY! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends

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  1. tbh euw gameplay is worst than eune , i have an acc in both servers in diamond elo and euw is just full of either smurfs or trlls and afks

  2. Wukong guy here, i've spotted another monkeyman!
    i'm not a fan of Wukong jungle, his clear is slow and his ganks force you to engage with w when the ability is mainly a damage tool, i will say though that his scuttle fights are pretty decent.
    What i expect of the Wukong is to go either go Divine Sunderer (Morde j4 and blitz have a lot of hp) or Goredrinker (standart teamfight build) depending on whose a threat, and since both items share Phage (and i think kindlegem?) that decisionmaking isn't impossible. (Also domination second is standart for Wukong jungle rune wise).
    7:15 after that abysmal Lucian play, huzzy's wave should slowly start pushing, i'd do redside camps (with that i mean probably just scuttle) until huzzy is back with the lucian and then gank them, shut down the really aggro botlane combo so you can make them useless and have dragon control (ganking Kassadin is fine too but i value drakes heavely, as monkey's team scales better).
    8:00 Look at what happened, the aggro bot went aggro and got the kill, if Wukong was there it woul'dve probably been a 1 for 2.
    8:30 ranked just is that bad atm, no need to apologize when you have to go through all of this shit as a job.
    9:00 not even close (also drake is almost up why isnt the Wukong playing around botlane, this is basic jungling)
    9:33 Wukong wouldve won that 1v1 if he used his w better but i guess hes afraid of Huzzy's wrath, which is fair
    10:15 boop
    10:33 Jax wins short trades lvl 1-5 because he can q out, Morde wins longer ones because conqueror + passive = big damage, lvl 6-10 Morde has the advantage, lvl 11-13 it should get more even with items and from there on out Jax should start outscaling (the outscaling gets heavely delayed if the Morde gets Nashors, but i havent seen Nashors Morde with the new items yet)
    11:15 i know different people have different jungles playstyles but Kassadin is so quick and botlanes so aggro and drakes and arghh
    12:15 heheeheh, i love doing that, +10 respect to the monkey.
    13:21 now i would deem myself a good support but holy SHIT that was clean, damn!
    15:21 large hitbox Huzzy is back
    16:16 Wukong is going for Goredrinker which i guess scales better but currently the big hp men are the problem so i would've gone Divine
    16:43 i presume that Wukong isnt a jungler cuz thats a really random herald.
    18:44 i guess the ganks gave Jax enough gold to outscale already
    19:26 i've realized (in general) that it's really easy to towerdive in league nowadays, i do it 2-3 times a game and it's too easy, towers need to deal more damage to champions.
    20:30 Wukong played the fight badly but Jarvan said "nope"
    21:48 completely agree btw, ranked is poopy
    22:48 used w to go in, didnt wait out the exhaust using stealth, didnt wait for his team, this aint a good Wukong
    23:51 no need to go for that play, he went for a 30% chance to die and in return got nothing
    25:21 god i hate that champion (also Wukong finally played a teamfight correctly)
    25:50 hmm yes use w to engage and Goredrinker when theres barely any range big monkey brain
    26:30 he couldve w'd jarvan ult, Jarvan wouldve locked himself in
    27:39 one of my favourite huzzy lines
    28:03 Wukong still wouldve gotten all the knockups but Jarvan is defnetly giving him bonus value
    30:41 F
    31:23 i wouldn't say its that hard to understand, but i guess i did take a lot of time trying to understand Aphelios when he came out so i wouldn't be confused.
    32:08 congratulations!
    33:15 that actually made me laugh 😀
    35:45 that summarizes this Wukong, too aggro, too cocky
    36:42 tab doesnt show the cooldown of active items
    37:33 for me its Thresh and Sett, big playmaking potential and cc combos
    38:23 Wukong doesnt have patience, if he waited 1-2 seconds the fight wouldve gone way better for him
    38:47 look at me, I am the carry now
    In summary, 6/10 Wukong, he did get fed but hes too cocky for his own good.

  3. Huzzy, it's Canucks. The fact that it sounds like you're doing the Fiddle series makes my heart soar! He's kinda my main because I have a 67% winrate on him. All these squishies and the myriad of speed and ability power items, he's in that perfect sweetspot of around 20 overall in winrate. One thing, you mentioned going to top lane or not, I think it's like fame, you just have to accept the fact that you're going to be ghosted and stop fighting it and hoping for the best. You have to win with that being the assumption of every game. I think you need to change your playstyle to proving that out, first, then worrying about focusing on the primary win condition and winning your lane. Also, I prefer you in top lane and I know, to me, why you're losing more. You're distracted. You focus quite a bit more on the Twitch stream and you die about 1 time for free in each game. Those deaths, are pointless, needless deaths, pure gaming wise, that is. Top lane is less variables. You push mid too deep and I know it's because you're talking on stream. That one gank you miss on the mini map that turns into a death, the odds are doubled in this meta because it's pure blow-ups and roaming from all angles. You do it early it feels like 25% of the time. Doing so, you get behind, you then get tilted and you get more aggressive. You've decided to get more aggressive, for views I assume, but I think your natural playstyle is in fact Gangplank, etc. When you're off stream you hard dominate, we both know that. Much love.

  4. This game exemplifies the under appreciation of supports……to you huzzy….we supports say…. Welcome brother,….welcome to support life..XD
    we support mains have mastered the art of dealing with no recognition, and to soldier on,.. winning lanes for our future unappreciative teams for the sake of winning games….our efforts…
    forever behind the scenes…..and in the dark….WE SOLDIER ON!!

  5. I feel like this season kind of sucks, there aren't any even fights anymore everything just feels like a stomp and the amount of games which just feel unwinnable has dramatically increased. These items just allow people to snowball too easily or have some kind of cheesy strat with them and its so dumb.

  6. This seems like the normal state of things in league, at the moment. I've basically uninstalled the game for a bit, because I keep getting completely trash teammates (under 40% wr), who don't know what objectives are or not to fight when so far behind. Need to clear my head, because this shit is just pointless, isn't even fun anymore.

  7. This may be a minority opinion, but I wish you'd post more losses (and try harder not to broadcast whether you do well or poorly, or won or lost, in the title). You seem to use a different standard for posting them versus wins, and as a result, lately, we see almost all wins, even when you're struggling. I am mostly interested in the drama of whether you'll progress, and not in your teaching etc in a specific video. It kills my interest to know 99% of the time that an upload means a win.

  8. Its ridiculous how salty you are. The dude made a mistake and you instantly cry about how the game is so unfair to you.

  9. Lol that guy in twitch chat saying Pyke doesn't have any good mythics. How is duskblade Pyke not scary af?

  10. Hi Huzzy. I just want to say thank you, I use to play LoL like 5 years ago but stop playing it due to the toxicity. And than I found your channel and it reminded me how much I enjoyed it and started playing it casually again, but without ranked and with the chats muted and I am enjoying myself again. And am actually better at he game due to your tips you gave in the season 10 smurf series. I was a Ashe OTP main (still main her) and due to all of the changes in the past 5 years I was struggling to keep up with her, so using your tips I was able to start playing other champs (including Blitz) more reliably as as well as other roles, mostly mid and a bit jungle with Karthus/Yi. So thank you.

  11. I was having the same problem I gave up on ranked for a while and now that I came back its not as bad

  12. 40 min video, right before I go on range to shoot, I’m gonna watch it haha, keep it up!

  13. i feel like i watching a replay of one of my games because i always have teammates like him

  14. Sponsor of this video NordVPN but you say it''s mobalytics in the first few seconds 😀 good video anyway

  15. Regarding the items, there have always been items that adress a champion's weakness:
    Get bursted as Mage? Zhonya's
    Get bursted as AD-Champ – Guardian's Angel
    Need a slow as AP-Champion? Rylee's or GLP, depending how you want to slow
    Need to counter certain types of CC? QSS
    Need a short-distance dash? Protobelt
    The change is that those "special" items now are too good – Just like all the items in the latest itteration.

  16. Huzzy – "This video is sponsored by Mobalytics! A internet VPN"

    Me – "Hmmn. I feel a slight disturbance in the force"

  17. Huzz, that Teemo game why didn't you just dodge? You saw he was going Teemo support and you saw in poro that he was a OTP Yummi didn't see off read flags? Idk i have been dodging a lot this season and its helped a lot ik, you a content creator but it might be a solution.

  18. Love Huzzy videos, because if I'm playing blitz and see a feed Jax I'm like "Run to the hills", but Huzzy is like: "Do you want some?" hahahahahah

  19. lol huzz thats story of my life in league
    i main morg in rank and carry the hell out of most my games and no honors
    go sup mains dont waver keep up the good work behind the scenes

  20. I'm downloading a 2GB File that will take a 10Min so I decided to watch hazzy's new video while waiting and hooooooly the video is 41Min Long

  21. Actually insane carry game. Hooks were on point! Honestly I kinda felt bad for the Katarina as well because she couldn't get any good ults because of you. But again I don't because Kat still does crazy damage.

  22. I hate it when I see a support not get honored by their ADC when the ADC wins lane. Sure, Kass kept his cool, but Blitz did his job and had some nice outplays in the early to mid game. GG Huzzy, it sucks to see you get such low quality teammates (and enemies) but hey once this bad streak is over I think you're going to start popping off.

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