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AN EXCELLENT GAME OF LEAGUE WITH ZIGGS! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in some Ziggs! We’re in opposition to a Yone and this recreation turns into truly a extremely good recreation of League of Legends… which is kind of uncommon for Season 10. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ziggs Bot Gameplay.

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AN EXCELLENT GAME OF LEAGUE WITH ZIGGS! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. The fact that yone's ult is unstoppable as well is just so frustrating, you can land all the cc in the world but if he pressed r he is knocking you up or at the very least dashing while being cce'd

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Huzzy doesn’t like Yone. I’m not sure what makes me think that, I just can’t put my finger on it.

  3. Hi Huzz. As someone who mains Yone, it felt pretty hurtful to hear you repeatedly call my champion “unskillful” and “having 0 counterplay” throughout the majority of the video. Even though I know you didn’t mean it as such, it felt like a direct attack on Yone players. I know that all of us react this way when facing a champion that just dumpsters us in lane, even though that statement isn’t necessarily true. I would like to point two things out. First, you picked one of Yone’s best matchups: an immobile mage with no consistent method of stopping his combo. Despite this, there were many things you could’ve done this game to mitigate this matchup. You never tried to W yourself or Yone away. You never tried to sidestep his 3rd Q, or play around his 22 second E CD (heavy harass). You never tried using your E on him while he was in E to slow him so you could sidestep his Qs. Again, I don’t want this post to be taken the wrong way. I love your channel, and everything you do. You are an amazing content creator, and your versatility as a player will never cease to amaze me. Just wanted to point out a couple key things that could’ve swung this matchup in your favor, and state that every champion has some “BS” mechanic (Zoe E, Samira R, Yuumi E, Kha’Zix damage, Graves getting 103 armor after his first clear with proper grit management, Kassawin, the list goes on and on), but that doesn’t justify you saying that the player is unskilled. Yone takes skill to pilot, as does every champion in the game (some more than others of course, but no champion, except maybe Garen, is truly skillless). Cheers!

  4. Yone: Uses E, Third Q, uses W and auto to deal 20% of Ziggs health as damage.

    Huzzy : He didn't do anything and still did damage.

    I mean he landed His Q and hit his burst. He shouldn't be tickling you with his burst when it uses up his whole kit.

    It's the same as any champ spell rotation really… If they aren't doing decent damage landing their spells they are either a support or super behind.

  5. The salt really showed in this one :/ that thresh caught you with a hook the yone didnt matter. Hes your average auto attack champ with a low scaling ability like yasuo yi olaf etc. hes just mobile

  6. Champs like Yone are why I stopped playing league, got d2 this season and I play once a month to prevent decay and that's it

  7. Okay I understand and agree with the sentiment of high-power champions in League, but watching the play you got upset about in motion, like… You weren't looking at your character, walked up to a bush with no vision as a squishy, low level mage with no items against an assasin/bruiser with items and he hit you with his entire combo, ultimate AND ignite included and the tool you COULD have used to get him off you, your W, you missed because you didn't know when to time it in that matchup's engage. It's not unreasonable for you to die there. Had you been up against say a Tristana, a Talon, a Zed or even a Yasuo and mispositioned like that, they would have killed you there as well if they had everything up.

    I get that it feels lame in the moment, but… I really don't feel like that whole situation should be washed away as "Champ broken I guess :/". There's always things that can be improved upon and ways to surpass any kind of play.

    Sorry if it comes off as a bit cross, but it just peeved me when it was brought up over and over.

  8. Yone has way too much mobility imo. he does great damage when he can get onto you, but he has too many tools to do so. the e amplifying damage should be a balance thing to mitigate kite-ability. ie, if he has his mobility cut, his main poke would be E into W for the guaranteed damage, occasionally using q if he can get the knock-up versus someone not mobile enough to dodge who stepped too close.

    some ways I could think to nerf him / his mobility:
    as huzz suggested, his ult only moves him when it hits a target.
    his e's physical body can be cc'd and that cc extends to his spiritual body. to make them think twice about leaving it in a bad position. if stunned, perhaps it should force snap him back and cancel the damage amplification.
    perhaps his ult could only be used in his spiritual form, ( or not usable in spiritual form) giving him more predictability and possible counterplay.
    maybe his e should only amplify his first instance of damage per target. so he has to choose the timing a bit more carefully. and perhaps wait for his primary damage to come off cooldown before re-engaging.
    maybe his w shield should not work in his spiritual form. or perhaps, he gets a much weaker shield that lasts the rest of the duration of the spiritual form.
    and lastly, maybe his doubled crit chance should not apply to his second sword, the Azakana sword.

    there are a lot of things that his kit has except one thing, counterplay. I doubt much will change with him at all, riot will likely just nerf numbers. but I hope they consider doing at least one interaction nerf such as I mentioned above.

  9. Yone spirit attack maybe better if there was a smaller circle and if he exceeded that his body slingshot to his spirit.

  10. Hey Huzz! Just wanted to say I am happy to help by buying SteelSeries product using your promo code! Saved me 10,50 $ that may go in your pockets!

  11. While it's kind of silly that Yone was that close at 23 minutes, the max-range Thresh hook probably would have gotten you killed anyway. Clutch play by Thresh.

  12. You contradict yourself in so many of your uploads I think I need to unsubscribe. When you play a character he’s high skill, a couple weeks later anyone can hit their head on a keyboard and kill 5 champions, you have a bsc, surely you know how the math add up for most champions to be balanced and sure it goes wrong sometimes but watching faker for example play, you can see that a good player can almost always out skill a OP champion. Stop bitching about your poor placement when you are caught out and own it ffs. I think you need to start creating a mind map of your comments regarding champions in your uploads so you can maybe remember the shit coming out your mouth when you contradict yourself over and over and over.

  13. Honestly the problems with designs like Yone is that they aren't even early game champs. Why is he allowed to have this much base dmg in early, be this mobile&safe and still scale incredibly well into late game.

  14. i love watching huzzy play league while i download a league patch…10.22 downloading now…….also 17:12 this is how i feel about league these days, they said u can play what u want, how u want…but if u main something that is inherently underpowered or even average, u need to play like a god to make up the difference….so ur forced to play op champs or play with disadvantages….so lame….their original marketing is a lie

  15. Yone is very strong but with ziggs you just need to have e ready whenever yone uses e because he will get slowed and the damage of ziggs e is actualy very good so he most of the time does negative traids

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