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AN AMAZING CLOSE GAME ON Vi! SO MUCH FUN! – Fill to Diamond | League of Legends


Welcome again to Fill to Diamond! Today we obtained Jungle and we’re enjoying Vi! A champion I used to play quite a bit of! We’re working Hail of Blades and it truly turns into a very pleasant shut sport! Which is kind of uncommon for Season 10. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vi Jungle Gameplay.

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AN AMAZING CLOSE GAME ON Vi! SO MUCH FUN! – Fill to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. I hate champs being played out of their intended role, lux is a perfect example, designed as a mid laner and should never be played as support. It also just makes balancing the champs a harder since there not balanced to one role

  2. Huzzy sounds like his old self again! Is it just me, or did he seem a bit down the last couple of videos?

  3. This game was an old school throwback. Close game enjoyable to play and even watch. Great job Huzzy! The only thing I like about this meta is playing Galio support. He is like a utility tank. He kinda fits in with the other engage tanks too.

  4. When huzzy said Jesus christ that's a support and ducked down i laughed so hard! I felt his emotion there😂😂

  5. Recently came across your channel about a month ago after picking up LOL, and even though I am unable to tune in for your stream, I must say, you’ve taught me a lot. I am in love with this game because of you and look forward to watching more of your videos!! 🤙🏼

  6. Close games are what remind me why I love league. Stomps even if you’re winning aren’t nearly as fun as a close game

  7. Started playing Vi jungle (and two games in the top lane) three days and oh my Lord she's so much fun! I think I'll get the Officer skin asap cuz is the only one that I can define "nice", even if the new PsyOps is pretty dope I admit.

  8. I do like the meta now, where you can pretty much play anything anywhere. Personally I've always valued adaptability as the biggest strength in a game like League, so being able to play against anything is incredibly important I feel.

  9. I lost a game and was thrilled about it. I had a taric mid funnelling a yi and a yummi support. The double funnel game! I was horrified by what I was playing with XD

  10. When you take a support item your damage should be decreased. Mage supports and poke encounters are way out of hand. Swsin was always strong but they had to buff him. Riot and ther experience as always. You are supposed to support a team. Not be a carry for the team. But Riot apparently doesn't even get what is sup supposed to do.

  11. Honestly if they increased Shyvanas E range and nerfed her AP. That change is not worth the nerf. Shyvana has no CC… if she can't burst what else can she do then? If they are planning to nerf her AP they should rework her entirely.

  12. Hey huzzy! just saying that sadly cant watch your stream cuz its night time in my country, but man… keep it up, ur the best in my opinion. Just one recomendation is that maybe you should show the champ select part , its sometimes very interesting.

  13. 39:56 um, huzzy why does a shyvana have omens????? your team has no crit damage for it to work against. and yes, ashe bought crit items, but her passive makes it so that her autos dont do crit damage, and instead crit amps up the strength of her slows while also increasing her passive damage.

  14. its funny how the reneketon killed morde but then morde killed him after as if the lead he got on him was nothing
    and that is why you dont play Early game Champions cus its letterly does not matter
    (Unless you are playing Jayce)

  15. 39:07 okay, why is a 0 mobility, no self peel, no survivability adc, alone split pushing top???????? huzzy, are you sure this isnt iron rating?

  16. 24:57 god this mord is so bad. why is he splitting top lane when dragon is spawning when he doesnt even have tp this game cause he went ignite instead???? and he didnt even win lane with that ignite, so it was a worthless pick for him to take

  17. 21:14 im with ya on that huzzy. i prefer more traditional picks. i hate these more cheesy picks. (especially cheesy things like lux sona bot lane for example. these wierd cheesy things dont feel fun to play versus, and not fun to play with to be honest, cause when playing with them, you feel dirty for just being on the same team as it)

  18. I like when the meta changes to keep things from getting stale. I also like the current play anything anywhere meta myself because there are some roles I really dislike playing, but enjoy the champs designed for those roles, so being able to play them in other roles without being a blatant troll is nice.

  19. I remember when adc's were bot and supports couldnt 1v1 anyone. I miss those days. Now I get pyke nuking me as a tank and 90% assassins mid.

  20. I was just thinking about redeeming my Project Vi skin shard. Thanks for the preview Huzzy 😀

    Also, "Yone Joestar" is my new favorite username (the ashe player)

  21. I guess this is the major difference between me and huzzy. I love watching people play league but i dont miss playing it at all. Season 9+10 have been so toxic, quitting league was such a relief of stress i don't miss it anymore

  22. That also just goes to show how strong mages are early game. Ashe with a 3 kill and several assist lead is unable to kill a cassio swain. Its literally nuts why it took so long for mages to be played bot.

  23. 14:25 no akali should have been able to kill shy, if she aimed her E and R both at shy I'm nearly certain she would have killed her.

  24. Why don't you type morde group or something. Not saying you have to flame but at least that

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