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Hey guys! New Patch Notes are right here for Patch 10.18! Bunch of modifications together with a small Ahri “Rework”… A Kayle buff that really is perhaps a bit scary and extra! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Note Rundown!

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  1. I'm not 100% subscribed to the idea of Riot buffing skins when skins are released, but regrettably I don't think this Shen case is something that can dispel it.
    For a champion who's playrate/discovery rate normally is low, a buff that makes them noticeable in the meta encourages more people to try it and thus finds people who discover they enjoy the champion's playstyle and will want to continue playing it even when it gets nerfed. That's an increased market to buy the new skin, and given the delay in dropping a nerfed champ (a few days or longer where players default to what had been working for them) even flavour of the month players may still buy it.

    It's less blatant than maintaining an unhealthy strength of a champ because a skin is coming out, but it still contributes.

  2. Conspiracy is not broken kayle buff kayle skin it's just that they decide upon a skin and then look at the champ if it needs fixing so for example if there is a new azir skin they will probably buff him because he is pretty week except with very expert players so azir needs "fixing" just like kayle. By fix I mean tweaking

  3. They don't want Tank Sett in pro play bcs he is like one of the most used junglers there and they said they would check in on him b4 Worlds, so they probably want Sett top back.

  4. And still no nerfs to Nunu mid. His damage is massive and there is no risk in lane. He can snowball in at lv 3, press e, auto, proc passive and BOOM! literally 5-700 damage. whats that? oh you damaged him to 2/3's health? well as long as he doesn't have an ability that he can use on any minion to gain back that 1/3 HP instantly then we should be okay…….

  5. It looks like only half the Psy-Ops skins are coming in this patch, so they are splitting it up like they did with the Spirit Blossom ones. Aside from Viktor there is also supposed to be Zed, Pyke, Kayle & Samira. The rest of the skins will probably come with Samira release.

  6. It.. Genuinely feels like you didn't know ahri's kit at all. They just shifted her q-passive to her actual passive – it didn't JUST stack off Q, it stacked off every ability. In other words, nothing's changed there. Genuinely. The change is focused around her foxfire.

  7. The Ahri heal is the same as now and worse because healing with w and e is super bad. I don't understand why they nerf her life regen

  8. Hi Huzzy ! i'll definately look forward to play Rumble and Kyle as a top laner ! 😁

  9. I think with Shen nerfing the shield is good because how his core build/runes/shield/q all synergize together to dish damage. Grasp gives him Max health, overgrowth gives Max health or revitalize increases shield strength, Titania hydra gives more damage for health, Shen’s shield scales off health and shield bash damage scales off shield strength and can proct easily off his q cast.

  10. you read the sett change wrong, the numbers are per level and gives you 3% per 100 ad at max rank. same for the passive it now scales off bonus ad instead of total so that no damage builds do.. no damage, you now need ad to get the bonuses

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