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AHRI GOT A "REWORK"… IS IT GOOD? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


So Ahri lately received a small rework, right this moment we give her a go and see if it made any or sufficient of a unique to make her a high tier choose for mid lane. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ahri Mid Gameplay.

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AHRI GOT A “REWORK”… IS IT GOOD? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. im glad you din't burn your house down or got yourself hurt. Seriously take care of yourself. Here a Cookie

  2. Ngl league has been pretty poop in ranked and normal games

    being a jungler sucks with all of these teammates that just feed on 2 opposite parts of the map and u hace to be present to impact the outcome as much as possible

  3. Rage quitting is one of the reasons I stopped playing. When I started playing LOL people actually were about the epic come back. Now they give up after 5 mins… 🙁

  4. They just reverted Ahri's passive to her original passive. What they had on PBE for a while was a huge heal on champion hit instead of triggering on minions and number of targets hit once it's stacked, but they decided to go with her original passive. The speed boost on the W is kind of nice, but I think if they added the execute damage on all targets, not just minions, I think that might have been the change she needed.

  5. all of my ranked games the past week are literally top and jungle inting and reporting eachother at 4 minutes and just giving up

  6. This video inspired me…to not play league 😂 this season was so crapy I barely played even normals…

  7. Huzzy i heard you are a big f1 fan. What is your favorite driver and would you consider making a video /s on it.

  8. Wait , isn't the biggest change was to her W ? the burst of movement speed u get now so it's easier to land E or to chase or escape

  9. Some of my favorite wins in this game is if I get camped as mid and still pull off a good game. Or if I'm playing jungle and just living in the enemy jungle. Both good feelings. Even if it is frustrating having the whole map in your lane during laning phase.

  10. Huzzy, I would like to see a video, if you can find a reply of worlds play and showcase/commentary individual players' performance and process of communication as the game goes on.

  11. I am a new player at league and this is my frist season I just play for fun with chat off and don't care what happens in the game I have found some smurfs in my game and add them after the game and they where actually kind and helped me to improve I am try to always have fun that's what the video games is for and I really love your content

  12. I have been watching your videos almost daily for 3 or 4 years and i almost quit league weirdly u r like a friend to me just take care and keep up the good work i hope the best 4 u

  13. Well, i would say that season 10 is very tense now, mostly because every lost drake means a step ahead to defeat, pretty much, and an auto filled jungler is a curse. People get frustrated quickly because they have this constant fear of losing drakes and giving soul to the enemy team. Ocean soul is quite scary. Indeed, toxicity has always been an issue, in all seasons, but season 10 is special, because Riot has decided to make drakes more important, it is just like a do or die situation, mostly because elder drake means game over. Every solo death or even a simple lost team fight in early game makes people frustrated because they fear they would lose the soul and elder. The baron is underrated now, compared to drakes, because people refuse to group and siege and take useless fights in jungle, without using the buff in lane with minions to push.

  14. League sucks now… only losing (fed or ok score) but my bot or jg are always losing it…every single game

  15. Ive had a TON of people and strangers just casually walk up to me and say nice mask (its the Huzzy mask), and tell me that it looks cool, or chuckle when they see it. Your sweater is also really comfy. I love the Huzzy merch!!

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