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Activision Patents Novel Way To Show Diverse And Detailed Leaderboards


Activision has been trying into new methodologies that may observe gamers on numerous efficiency metrics and show the sorted information in actual time.

According to a patent (US20190105567A1) granted to the writer by the United States Patent and Trademark Office at first of the 12 months, the concept is to have a system that repeatedly displays in-game periods to acquire and prepare very important info by pretty detailed (and useful) heatmaps.

Activision notes that leaderboards nowadays have extreme limitations. Many on-line video games solely provide statistics from specific in-game periods and that too for a couple of specific actions. With the rise of esports, gamers need as a lot information as doable with a view to not solely examine themselves with others however to additionally learn about their habits and shortcomings.

Unfortunately, the current or standard leaderboards solely measure a sure degree of actions which are thought-about normal. Activision takes the instance of how realizing about excessive scores has kind of grow to be out of date. Players might wish to learn about who has the very best rating with a selected weapon or accent or a mixture of each.

By producing heatmaps for various efficiency metrics, Activision needs to make sure that every kind of in-game actions are recorded and introduced visually for ease by an advanced leaderboard in actual time.

However, that doesn’t imply Activision is any much less fascinated about the usual efficiency metrics like variety of kills, deaths, scores, ranges, and such. In truth, the writer needs to enhance those self same metrics by displaying them over a geographical map and highlighting particular engagement areas, lanes, choke factors, vantage factors, and such. The identical patented methodologies shall be utilized right here as properly, utilizing coloured overlays to handle heatmaps in dynamic vogue.

There is a necessity for a technique and system that gives efficiency information in actual time to the gamers and in addition presents the info in a simplified and simple to know method, reminiscent of within the type of a heatmap. There can also be a necessity for presenting efficiency information in a way that precisely represents obstacles inaccessible to gamers, reminiscent of partitions and objects, which can happen in advanced recreation maps. It can also be desired that the system gives historic measure of a participant’s efficiency, thus processing to build up information over quite a lot of matches, fairly than offering only a single metric over the past match performed.

In abstract, the leaderboards of immediately are insufficient of processing real-time and detailed information. They rely upon quite a lot of elements that on-line video games nowadays are unable to account. Through the patented technique, Activision needs to offer gamers with information that they beforehand needed to receive from third-party or after prolonged durations.

Call of Duty, for instance, is a superb recreation that would make nice use of such a system. Imagine with the ability to know in actual time the place the best variety of engagements occur in a map, what weapons are best in a selected part, the place gamers have the best probability of survival, favorable tenting and sniping factors, and the like.

Activision has been patenting some pretty attention-grabbing emblems. The firm additionally acquired rights to a system that analyzes online profiles of players to create clones of these very gamers. It begins with monitoring player-activity reminiscent of in-game handles, sportsmanship, playstyles, alternative of weapons and objects, alternative of modes and companions, and spending habits. The mining strategies additionally cowl demographic info reminiscent of gender, location, revenue ranges, and such.

Once all the vital particulars have been stacked, the patented system will then start creating non-playable characters (NPCs) that behave in related vogue. Hence, populating on-line video games with clones that shall be tough to differentiate from actual gamers.