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ABUSE ENEMY WEAKNESSES ON SHEN! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Shen Top and we’re in opposition to a Master Yi with no flash… abuse that huge weak point to assist win the sport! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay.

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ABUSE ENEMY WEAKNESSES ON SHEN! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends

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  1. running grasp with domination secondary for cheap shot and ultimate hunter for early dueling strength and awesome ultimate cd if the game does not allow for any cdr in your build. it forces you to have to go merc treads every game so you have some tenacity but i find it to be worth it every time.

  2. Hi Huzzy, I've been watching your content for about for years.
    This is my first comment ever on Youtube and normally I wouldn't comment, but I just wanted to say it's fine to have replay episodes, even as main video of the day. Of course I like the live episodes cause we can hear the crazyness in your voice when big plays are happening, but I personnaly prefer a replay of good quality than a live of poor quality because you're "not feeling it" and feel obligated.
    I stopped playing league but still like ur content. I will say I prefer watching a Huzzy who's having fun than a moany huzzy in a bad streak, so if u have to do replays somedays to achieve that, go for it!

  3. I don't mind POV commentarys for the main video of the day, would actually like to see some of them for GP mid because it would help with your farm: as you have said

  4. in short both are good, its a bit a of a trade really, live reactions are always great, but this style is very good for taking the time to explain what you where thinking at that moment without the pressure of live commentary. love the vids either way mate

  5. To be honest I think POV commentaries are better all around since you can focus more both on the commentary and on the analysis of the plays so they're both fun and more educational huzz

  6. for me, pov commentaries are just as interesting as in-game commentaries. while in-game commentaries show us how you are thinking as you play, pov let you develop more in-depth discussions and analyses.

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