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7 Fun–Filled iPhone Apps That You Didn’t Know Existed

citygamesApps have revolutionized phone use. Mobile phones have been transformed from two-way communication gadgets to devices that can do other functions such as health monitoring, calorie tracking, and gaming platforms, among others. Many apps are developed and launched daily. This makes it difficult to track which one is the best and ideal for your phone.

Issues like compatibility, space to install and run it come into play. Then there is the question of pricing. This is a crucial factor in customer choice of apps. Other application developers have jumped the gun and are already collaborating with software and phone manufacturers to have inbuilt apps on iPhones.

Wolfram Alpha

Never mind its military-esque mission code sounding name, Wolfram Alpha has military preciseness when it comes to statistical information. SIRI normally has difficulties in determining complex mathematical or scientific questions.

This is where Wolfram Alpha comes in. You can get data, graphical representation from databases that SIRI can’t access. Tired of arguing with friends over facts and figures? Look no further.


As the name suggests the app offers solutions albeit gives feedback on the quality of your sleep. By monitoring your tossing and turning, it gives a comprehensive take on how well you took a shut eye. Never mind you get the extra benefit of ambient sounds to make your sleep even better. Remember how annoying set alarms can be? Well, sleep boat offers a gradual alarming system that makes you wake up naturally.


Picture yourself, going to a public place and you can’t get any audio from the Television. Tunity enables you to actually listen to the audio through your earphones. The app works by scanning available television networks establishing a link and boom, you get to listen in.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped out is one of the most exciting city-building games that you can have on your iPhone. In this game, you are supposed to help the Simpsons to rebuild Springfield from the ground up. The best part is that you can invite Springfield citizens to help you develop the tow. But that is not all; prepare to engage in a thrilling adventure that will leave you happy and yearning for more.


When you are unknown and are an app that causes ripples in the aviation industry (United airlines sued), you definitely become a must have to any traveler. Skipplaged has the notoriety of getting its users the best deals when it comes to travel.

Hypothetically speaking, say your destination B cost $ 800, Skipplagged enables you to get to your destination cheaply by offering an alternative solution. If there is another flight going to city C but stops at city B enroute to C but at a price of $650, the app definitely notifies you of this. In short, the app helps you get cheaper layover flights.

Temp Mail

We all get frustrated by always giving out our email addresses to register even in circumstances we’d rather not. Well, Temp mail offers you the perfect solution. After all, nobody wants to wake up to junk mail and spasms associated with using one email address. Just as its name, it offers the user a temporary email address that is disposable. The email address is deactivated as soon as it’s created and used.


‘Blame it on the alcohol’ is a common phrase that even a song was recorded to that effect. Drunk texting or dialing often places the drunkard in awkward situations after the fact. To keep you away from calling your ex for a second chance, Drunk mode automatically blocks certain people on your contact list while you are drinking. It also has the benefit of linking you with other Drunkmode users. The app is cognizant of the vulnerability of the user and even keeps a digital trail, in case one gets lost.


Picture this you are very hard-pressed with a call of nature in the middle of the city you are not familiar with. We all know how nature maybe unforgiving, the luxury of asking around uumm coupled by the embarrassment (depending on your personality) of asking for a place to answer a call of nature. Look no further. Flush, flushes away all your problems at that instant. It shows the location of all public restrooms, that you can use.

More intriguing is they are actually rated as per user experience. So next time after locating the nearby restroom, you can go further and select the one which is rated highly.