30 Best Horror Games You Need To Play


Horror is at all times such a tough style to drag off. It requires appropriate timing, the suitable narrative and correct build-up. Still, everyone seems to be terrified of one thing particularly in video video games. So let’s check out the 30 greatest horror video games ever made and why you need to expertise them.

Amnesia Collection

gatherers amnesia dark descent

Frictional Games was no stranger to the horror gaming scene because of the Penumbra collection. However, Amnesia: The Dark Descent fully blew away expectations. Its story of confusion and thriller, highlighted by the protagonist’s amnesia, clashed with the oppressive shadow that consistently sought out gamers. Amnesia: The Dark Descent delivered a compelling psychological horror expertise that was easy however nonetheless wholly terrifying. The Amnesia Collection options the primary sport, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (developed by The Chinese Room) and Amnesia: Justine. While the latter two vary from above common to good, the complete assortment is a steal for the quantity of scares it gives.