25% Of Xbox One Owners Will Buy Nintendo Switch If Game Pass Is Made Available On It, Says Poll


As I’d already suspected, this kind of
move stands to benefit both companies.

We had a whole lot of rumors about Microsoft bringing their games and services to Nintendo Switch last week. That’s a Very Big Deal™ if it does end up happening. It scores a win for Microsoft, who get to propagate their services further, and it scores a win for Nintendo, who get to sell their hardware further.

But do they? Would someone really buy a Nintendo Switch for Game Pass or Ori and the Blind Forest? The answer, according to a poll conducted by True Achievements, is yes. One in four respondents said they would buy a Nintendo Switch to play Xbox content on it, were the option made available to them.

As mentioned, this is a win for Microsoft and Nintendo alike—Microsoft as a services company gets to expose its services to more customers and devices, while Nintendo as a games company gets to sell its games and hardware to more people. It makes so much sense, I can’t see it not happen. Now we wait for an official confirmation.