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15 Video Game Endings Which You Had to Work Really Hard for


Pouring your coronary heart, soul and free time right into a online game doesn’t all the time assure you one of the best end result. Some video games really push you to actually earn the very best ending, even when which means going out of your approach and influencing each attainable determination. Let’s have a look 15 glad online game endings that you’ve got to work laborious to earn.

Mass Effect 2

BioWare made it fairly clear that the ultimate mission of Mass Effect 2 was “The Suicide Mission” so it’s a provided that bringing everybody again alive could be robust. However, really carrying out this meant recruiting all attainable companions, finishing their Loyalty missions and getting all the ship upgrades. Oh and whenever you’re really on the Collector Base? You want to select the fitting individual for every process, lest dying take them. Do all of that and also you’ll get the happiest ending…which is everybody discovering out that the Reapers are coming to kill all of them. Speaking of which…

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