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15 Terrible Levels That Spoiled Amazing Games


For as enjoyable as each sport could possibly be, there’s all the time one particular stage or part that spoils your enjoyment. So whereas sure classics may be joyfully reminisced about, there’s all the time that one stage (or two) that tilts you to this present day. Let’s check out 15 such video games that had these varieties ranges.

GoldenEye 007 – Protect Natalya

Escort missions are all the time a freeway to distress however GoldenEye 007 made escorting Natalya resemble Bond’s legendary automobile roll in Casino Royale. First, when you get too far forward – like within the Jungle – some random enemies may decide her off. She’s consistently within the line of your fireplace, which makes for unintended kills extra usually than you’d assume. The least Rare might have performed was make Natalya considerably sturdy however alas, it didn’t.

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