15 Most Unfortunate Video Game Bosses


We all like to hate a nasty man, particularly when that dangerous man pops up in a online game as a boss now we have to combat. But typically, video games flip the tables on us, and we find yourself empathizing with these bosses (or at the very least find yourself feeling dangerous for them), both due to their tragic pasts, or simply their sheer dangerous luck. In this function, we’ll be looking at fifteen such bosses.


resident evil 2

William Birkin is not any saint, and all through the Resident Evil franchise, he’s been accountable for loads of dangerous stuff, essentially the most outstanding of which was the outbreak in Raccoon City, which led to your complete metropolis being nuked. But the destiny that he suffered was a horrible one nonetheless. After Birkin contaminated himself with the G-Virus, he step by step turned a prisoner in his personal physique, and on this tortured state, he was basically compelled to observe from the sidelines because the virus took over his physique and thoughts and did one horrible factor after one other.

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