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15 Hilarious Weapons That Were Shockingly Powerful


Iconic weapons like the BFG 9000, Master Sword and more etc populate the video gaming landscape. Each tool is powerful and also their appearances strengthen that. There are some weapons around that may not be as harmful – they look and also appear absurd in contrast – however they can be quite deadly in their very own right. Let’s have a look at 15 such weapons below.

Blitzkrieg – Dead Rising 2

Created by incorporating an Electric Chair – itself made from a battery and also mobility device – with an attack rifle or LMG, the Blitzkrieg isn’t really mobile. It’s likewise somewhat difficult to craft. But lest you believe this is simply a slow-moving mobility device with weapons, the Blitzkrieg has a few of the most effective quiting power in the video game. Zombies can be downed in a couple of shots and also there’s 250 utilizes in overall, enabling a quite large spree of murder.

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