15 Hard Video Game Bosses That Made Players Rage Quit


We all love , difficult boss battle, however each infrequently, we come throughout bosses that take a look at our persistence like few others do, that just about make us swear off no matter sport we’re taking part in in a match of fury. This is a function devoted to fifteen such bosses.


god of war

God of War (2018) won’t stand toe-to-toe with the likes of God of War 2 and so far as the sheer amount bonkers set-piece boss fights is anxious, however the optionally available fights towards the Valkyries virtually made up for that. And the Valkyrie Queen was the toughest, most memorable of all of them. Countless God of War gamers have gone up towards her repeatedly and once more and are available away with nothing to indicate for it. Of course, that swelling sense of satisfaction you get when (and if) you do beat her is a superb reward in and of itself.