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15 Excellent Examples of Level Design In Video Games


Level design is one of one of the most underrated yet vital facets of a computer game. A fantastic level can attract a gamer in like absolutely nothing else, emphasizing as well as enhancing the experience. What are some examples of excellent level design in computer game? Let’s have a look at 15 right here.

Half-Life – Surface Tension

Surface Tension is lots of points. It’s maybe the greatest level in Half-Life as well as an end result of Gordon Freeman’s retreat from Black Mesa. But the sparkle of its design is maybe emphasized by exactly how chaotically regulated whatever is. Marines are combating aliens as helicopters, containers as well as turrets clutter the location. Freeman should fight all of this, enduring ambushes, browsing throughout high cliffs as well as a lot more. It’s strained, amazing as well as highlights the excellent AI.

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