15 Difficult Boss Fights of 2020


As the yr closes out, it’s price trying again on all of the online game bosses that made our lives depressing (the enjoyable ones, a minimum of). (*15*) while you thought this yr had sufficient challenges, a number of extra bosses have stepped as much as stake their declare. Let’s check out 15 of the hardest boss fights of 2020. As ordinary, spoilers are inbound.

Omega Zero – Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

The quest to face Omega Zero requires some work since you might want to beat Mega Man ZX on Normal or Hard, after which navigate to Area M. After some platforming, you’ll battle what’s basically a super-tough model of Zero. He’ll unleash every kind of highly effective assaults, together with an in depth multi-hit combo that may chunk down half of your HP in a rush. If that weren’t sufficient, he even deploys a barrier that negates any assaults and heals him, prolonging the struggle additional (as if having three well being bars wasn’t unhealthy sufficient already).

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