15 Big Announcements From The Game Awards 2019


The Game Awards 2019 are done as well as cleaned. Much like in 2015, there were great deals of big annoucnemetns, some anticipated as well as others rather shocking. While Batman: Arkham Legacy, Bayonetta 3 as well as Metroid Prime 4 didn’t show up, there were some rather great bests as well as advancements to remove from the program. Let’s discuss the top 15 announcements from The Game Awards 2019.

Project Scarlett is Officially Xbox Series X

xbox series x

Without concern, the most significant news of the program was the Xbox Series X, previously referred to as Project Scarlett. We ultimately reached see the layout for both the console as well as controller, which remains in maintaining with the developed Xbox One visual. More information have actually started to arise concerning its power, the brand-new D-Pad as well as exactly how peaceful it is (Answer: About as peaceful as the Xbox One X) however the reality that this expose appeared of no place made it even more incredible.

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