(*10*) Hill 3 – 10 Reasons Why It Was One Hell of a Game


Whenever folks assume of (*10*) Hill, it’s both (*10*) Hill 2 or P.T. that come to thoughts. As such, (*10*) Hill 3 needs to be thought-about in the identical regard, particularly coming off of (*10*) Hill 2. But what made it so particular? Here are ten key causes. Be warned of spoilers, particularly in relation to the key twists.

The (*3*)

silent hill 3

Following the introspective take a look at James Sunderland and his actions in (*10*) Hill 2, it’s attention-grabbing to shift to Heather Mason as the brand new “hero.” From the outset, Heather is aloof and sarcastic, nearly distant from the horrors unfolding round her. She’s conflicted about her existence. But following a tragedy that befalls her earlier than venturing to (*10*) Hill, there may be a resolve that builds, a willpower to combat towards The Cult. Perhaps most interesting is that within the midst of all this, Heather doesn’t come throughout as a typical “hero” however as an empathetic determine who seeks to cease The Order’s plans, like her father earlier than her had finished.

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