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1 MISTAKE ON DARIUS Vs FIORA TROUBLE ENSUES – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends


Welcome back to Duo to Diamond with @Vicksy! Today we’re playing Darius Vs a Fiora and we make 1 big mistake in the early game and top lane becomes a bit… oof. Like, Comment & Subscribe. League of Legends Darius Top Gameplay.

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1 MISTAKE ON DARIUS Vs FIORA TROUBLE ENSUES – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. I instantly like any of your duo videos before I’ve watched them. I mean, I like all your other videos anyway to help you out. But these duo games are so much more enjoyable to watch because you’re enjoying them! As long as Vicksy’s happy to keep doing them, KEEP DOING THEM! 🙂

  2. What's worth more sub points on your stream, a Tier 1 or a Twitch Prime?

  3. vicksy was so good …….. great recruit Huzzy ……….HuzzNation 4 ever

  4. 1:39 I don't know why, but this is way too funny for me, the way fiora running from base goes to the bush and both of them stare for a second before reacting

  5. I hate this matchup tbh. Fiora has all the agency in lane and unless she fucks up it's hard to do much other than slowly get outscaled.

  6. whenever huzz has to edit loading screen it obvs takes time and I feel there's a easy win win situation for everyone, in the time you would have to edit just sing us a disney song!!!!! love the content huzz hope you're doing well

  7. This is a great example that when you are loosing lane doesn't mean you lose the game, always look to avoid feeding and playing safe.

  8. Huzzy: you need to be calm and fiora is a skill machup


  9. I know there's this challenger Jayce (maybe one-trick) that plays him mid a lot. Do you think that Jayce could be played mid like a hybrid poke/assassin?

  10. How to get out of Silver when your teammates always feeding? I'm an adc main and almost every game someone from my team is inting. Not on purpose, just dying in combat. I really don't know how to solo carry this. Me with my friend were playing ranked duo bot but now he is going top to reduce the number of lost lanes. It's really annoying. Yeah, I make mistakes too, but I get good KDA and damage almost every game.

  11. I don't think there's a champ I hate laning against more than Fiora. She's my kryptonite.

  12. Its been a while since i've last watched, but congrats on the weight lost

  13. One of the best episodes in a long while. You were so calm and always moving forward. That outplay on the Fiora did great to show how effective being calm is, and the recovery was a testament to the superior teamfighting of your comp, something Fiora cannot do. Well done!

  14. Wow. I thought I was in the thousandth because i was like 1 minute since upload but it was 3rd

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