Vampyr Investigations Guide – Detailed Walkthrough, All Investigations (Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel, The Docks)


The Vampyr Investigations Guide is for all Investigations found in each District of Vampyr. Our Vampyr Investigations Guide will help you uncover hints and complete the objectives expected of you to gain XP when you finish an Investigation.

Vampyr Investigations

Investigations in Vampyr are optional side missions which help you earn higher rewards. If the Investigation is regarding a citizen, then you’ll uncover more details about their past increasing the quality of blood and thus leading to a higher XP when embraced.

Pembroke Hospital

The side quests below are associated with NPCs you encounter in Pembroke Hospital district of the game.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
You need to be at least of Level 5 to be able to carry out this quest. After talking to Milton Hooks, head to the garden near the hospital and fight off the baddies here, Skals basically. Then proceed to collect the wallet near the bench and return it to Milton.

Missing Ingredients
Level 15 recommended for the job. After talking with Dr. Thoreau Strickland proceed to the waypoint to encounter a boss. Avoid his charged attacks and you should be good to go.

After defeating him, collect the doctor’s letter and bring it back to start working on a medicine. You need to collect the required items so you can make the medicine at your place. Head back to Dr. Thoreau and make an important decision.

Wrong Target
After reaching Level 6, head to Thelma Howcroft to acquire the quest. You need to head to the marked location on the map and fight off the guards here to collect a letter. Read it and then proceed to the next waypoint to defeat some more guards. Read the second note here and return to Thelma for your reward.

Working tool
When you’re around Level 7 to 10, start the quest by reading the letter that’s in a chest near the river. Or you can acquire Clay’s knife that is being guarded by a Level 11 Skal. Bring it back successfully to Clay to finish the quest.

The Harder they Fall
At around Level 5, you need to make your way to the Old Mortuary to find a death certificate by a corpse in the basement of this building. Take a look at the body and analyze it to know the possible causes of death. You can make one of two choices here.

Heading to Dr. Corcoran Tippets will lead to his resignation while going to Nurse Gwyneth; you can trust her about doctor’s mistake.

When you’re of Level 7, you can proceed to discover a captive in the sewers. This man is located in a cell near the Sewer Boss as you make your way in ‘A rat in the hospital’. Letting him escape, meet him again the following night in Pembroke Hospital.

Burn after Reading
Around Level 12, after overhearing the argument between Mortimer and Beatrice Goswick, get the key to an apartment that you’ll see marked on your map. Fight off the bad guys in the way, and then discover a new hideout spot in the apartment. Read the letter and make your choice of whom to handle it too.


The side quests below are associated with NPCs you encounter in Whitechapel district of the game.

Trinkets and More
At Level 12, after taking with Barrett Lewis, head to the location marked. Defeat the beast and Skals and open the attic on the first floor. Open the box to collect the letter and make your decision.

The Crusade
Around Level 15, you can speak with Father Tobias Whitaker then head to the cemetery in search for Samuel. Near a shrine, search the corpse and turn on your ‘Vampire vision’ to follow a trail of blood. Defeat the mutant and return to Father Tobias to collect the reward.

A Promising Recruit
Make your way to Whitechapel via the bridge near the hospital and look for a nearby platform. Jump onto it and defeat the Level 18 Skal and collect the note from his body.

At least Level 12 required, go to the building north of the Hospital region and east of Whitechapel. There free the captive who’s being guarded by a Skal. Meet him back in Whitechapel.

A Widow in Trouble
Head to the cemetery situated east of Whitechapel to free a woman locked inside a shrine. Convince her to come back to live with the residents of Whitechapel.

Eye of Occultism
You need to discover a note lying in Braille after you’ve unlocked it via Mason Swanborough. Remember, you need a Hypnotism Level of at least 3 to get him to unlock the building. You’ll be then tasked to collect pages, locations of which are marked on your map.

The Docks

The side quests below are associated with NPCs you encounter in The Docks district of the game.

Symbol of Filial Love
At Level 15, after talking with Seymour Fishburne, explode the barrel to open a pathway to a tunnel. Retrieve the necklace from one of the dead bodies and return it to Seymour.

Cemetery Ghouls
After reaching Level 15, speak to Edwina Cox which will lead you to the very beginning area of the game. Retrieve a letter from one of the corpses and read it.

War Spoils
After speaking with Giselle Paxton, proceed to the waypoint to deal with some guards. Then collect Giselle’s money off of them. You can choose to return the money or not.

Fearless Vampire Hunter
Speaking with Ichabod Throgmorton will trigger the start of the quest. Now you will need to decide what you do with the posters he gives you. Either burn them in the oven or spread them around the district. Return back to Ichabod after making your decision.

Tribute to the Victims
Around Level 15, talk to Dyson Delaney and then head to Sean Hampton’s hostel and look for some traces of a gas. Head back to the explosion site in the district you first roamed in chapter 1. Pick up a bouquet of flowers and pay tribute to the tomb there. Return to Dyson.

Lack of Key Product
After talking to Tom Watts at Level 15, head to the hideout as marked on the map. Deal with the tough Beast of Level 22 and then proceed upstairs and use the key to unlock a door. Grab the alcohol and return to make a choice of lying about the bottles or handing them over to Tom.

Hide and Seek
After collecting letter in the house of Enid Gillingham, head to the sewers area and return the letter to the man near the Skal’s main region.

This is all we have in our Vampyr Investigations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!