Two Freebies are Currently Available on Origin & GOG


Pick up Dead Space and The King of Fighters 2002 for zero, zip, zilch.

The hunt for free video games is a worthy pursuit. Digging around Steam, the PlayStation or Xbox store will often yield demos, discounts and free weekends that quench your thirst, but they never quite fill the void like a full purchase does. Fear not, because today will rectify that situation with not one but two free complete games to download and keep forevermore.

The first freebie is sci-fi horror classic Dead Space, which puts you in the shoes of engineer Isaac Clarke in a space exploration mission gone wrong. All the ship’s crew members are blood-spurting corpses, hideous ‘necromorphs’ sail through the halls, and the truth behind a strange artifact is about to be buried. Try your hand at surviving today via Origin.

Next up we have The King of Fighters 2002, a competitive fighter originally released just after the new millennium. It’s free on as part of the Chinese New Year Sale, which also features a bunch of other games discounted 50% and up.

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