The Fine Line – A Game That Expose Yourself


What is The Fine Line?

the fine line
Would you switch infants at a healing facility? Would you tackle a constantly sick youngster on live TV?
Would you take a visually impaired man’s lottery ticket on the off chance that you knew he would pass on soon?
You figure you wouldn’t right? Indeed, reconsider.
The Fine Line is a game that uncovers how frightful a person can be.

Players of this game will be put in speculative situations that test your moral limits and uncover where your fine line of morality lies…
These situations will be founded on subjects, for example,

      1. Justice
      1. Revenge
      1. Prejudice
      1. Sex
      1. Murder
      1. Love
      1. Money
      1. Lies
    1. Gender Identity

Here’s the step by step how-to Play

Step 1:

Somebody in the gathering will draw a card containing a moral situation. This individual is known as the Moral Authority (MA) and will read the inquiry out loud.

Step 2:

Different individuals from the gathering will then scrutinize the MA for subtle elements on the situation. It’s the occupation of the MA to answer the inquiries in a way that makes it more hard to answer the situation.

One of the player’s may ask the MA, “Would i be able to give as much as I need to philanthropy?” The MA could then react, “No, the most money you can give is $10,000.”

The MA is likewise permitted to include provisos. So in this situation the MA may state, “Incidentally, the individual you wind up experiencing passionate feelings for a year later needs to have an indistinguishable first name from your past life partner.”

Step 3:

Once everybody sees how the situation is organized, everybody states what they would do. The MA is the last individual to state what they would do.

The players who might do what the MA receives the focuses on the card of the situation. The MA for the following round then pivots to the individual on the privilege.

The player with the most focuses after 10 cards wins. On the off chance that there is a tie, the fixing players should play shake, paper, scissors to decide the champ.

And just how many different scenarios can be found?

Just about 100 unique situations.

Well now you know:

The Fine Line is a game that exposes how terrible of a person you are.

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