The Division 2 Is Happening – Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before It Appears At E3


The Division has been a massive success. It is quite an achievement since the current era is dominated by multiplayer games and The Division is a singleplayer/co-op for the most part. With so many players and more and more people buying the game every day, it is no surprise that The Division 2 is on its way. Today, we will tell you everything we know about The Division 2. Everything from the release date to the expectations, and what has been confirmed so far will be mentioned.

Everything About The Division 2

Massive Entertainment has confirmed that there will be a sequel to the Division. However, there are not that many details that have been released so far by the developers. So far, there has been a press release issued by the developers that says that they are quite grateful for the support that they have received and are quite optimistic about their plans for The Division 2.

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