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A complete guide for the Week 8 challenges of Fortnite’s Season 4.

If you’ve been playing through Fortnite’s season 6, then you should know that the Week 8 challenges are now here. This guide will help you figure out how to complete all of the 7 challenges that are going to be available from this week onward.


You can find the full list of challenges below.

Search Chests In A Single Match

To complete this challenge, you will have to search 7 chests in a single match. The chests can be from anywhere on the map, so you will be able to complete it without any major problems.

Deal Headshot Damage To Enemies

To finish this challenge, all you have to do is deal 250 damage to opponents through headshots. Using an automatic weapon will make it easier for you to complete this challenge.

Search Hungry Gnomes

You will be able to see Hungry Gnomes scattered all over the map now, and you just need to search 7 of them to complete this challenge.

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