Siralim 2 Review: Weird Monster Wrangling


The fast and soiled clarification of Siralim 2 is that it’s rather a lot like Pokemon, Dragon Quest Monsters, Hunter Island, and so forth. You wander round combating monsters so as to enhance your personal workforce of monsters, summon/merge monsters, equip your monsters with artifacts and tools, and ultimately battle your method to the large evil factor that’s threatening to destroy the world. Yes, it’s the sort of setup that even online game newbies know has been completed to dying, however all of this “finish of the world” hullaballoo is usually set dressing to offer sufficient motivation to go round kicking monsters’ butts with different monsters’ butts.


Right from the beginning, it’s fairly apparent that Siralim 2 is a bit tough across the edges. The overworld visuals are servicable, however nothing actually stands out. That’s sort of an issue, as a result of it may be surprisingly tough to determine what’s simply part of the background and what’s some form of object that can get in your method or will be picked up. Things like chests and monsters stand out, positive, however it’s going to take a couple of minutes earlier than you get used to recognizing rock textures versus rocks which you could destroy.

There’s much more monster element when in fight, fortunately, and there are some fairly cool designs on show.

The controls are additionally extra miss than hit, with a digital d-pad that feels too small and imprecise regardless of wanting too massive, and a bunch of minor however irritating menu navigation nuances. For instance, so as to equip a brand new artifact on a creature, it’s important to first un-equip the artifact it’s utilizing, *then* equip the brand new artifact. You’d suppose it could make sense to simply, you understand, robotically substitute the previous artifact once you equip the brand new one. Maybe throw in somewhat side-by-side comparability or one thing, however nope.


But the factor is, even with all these tough spots, I’ve been having fairly a little bit of enjoyable with Siralim 2. Progression is form of roguelike-ish, with you and your workforce exploring randomly generated areas in an try to struggle your method to the harder tiers. It’s not simply the layouts that change, both. There are literally fairly a number of totally different zone varieties you possibly can find yourself in, every with their very own kinds of supplies you’ll find and deities you’ll be able to curry favor with.

Monsters are additionally impressively diverse. Different varieties will be mixed to make new ones, and between equipping artifacts and spell gems there’s fairly a heaps you are able to do to customise your workforce. Then you’ll be able to tweak issues by yourself character for much more advantages, or use deity factors to completely enhance all kinds of passive attributes for your self or your monsters. Heck, you’ll be able to even customise your personal fort.


Combat itself is fairly satisfying as effectively. Things can get fairly bushy when your workforce isn’t in an space method beneath their stage, which suggests you’ll must make liberal use of these spells you selected to equip them with. Thankfully any standing results, misplaced well being, or used magic factors are reset on the finish of every struggle (sort of like Zeboyd Games’ RPGs, which are also worth checking out, by the way in which). This makes the standard grind for expertise really feel a bit much less like a grind because you don’t have to fret about micro-managing well being or stockpiling therapeutic objects. It additionally signifies that back-to-back battles will be fairly difficult with out feeling unfair.

To prime all of it off, Siralim 2 is definitely fairly humorous. Meeting the God of Anger for the primary time had me guffawing, and a few of the monster names/ideas are so goofy they’re inconceivable to dislike. For all of the considerably by-the-numbers RPG tropes, it’s fairly cool to see so many cases the place they flip all the things on its head.


Siralim 2 is on no account an ideal, and even notably refined, sport. But none of that basically issues once you’re combating your method via the God of Anger’s realm as he sometimes swears at you and your menagerie of weird creatures. It may not appear to be a lot on the floor, and it might be somewhat tough across the edges, however there’s rather a lot to get pleasure from right here.