Player Threatens to Shoot Up Battalion 1944 Studio, Dev Puts a Dick on His Gun


Well, when in a recent article I said we should start taking online threats of violence seriously, I didn’t mean we should put a dick on guns. Because that is exactly what Battalion 1944 devs did.

When a player posted a threat to Battalion 1944 devs, saying he will shoot up the studio, Bulkhead Interactive placed a dick on his in-game weapon.

The situation stated back in April when the developers hosted a tournament for Battalion 1944. The winning team was promised cash prizes and exclusive in-game skins. However, while the money wasn’t an issue, the skins still aren’t delivered.

One of the winning team members took to Discord to complain about it but in doing so also made threats to the developers, referring to the recent YouTube HQ shooting. Bulkhead took notice of this and did deliver the skins to him but with a dick under his gun.

Speaking about what he said and why said it, the team member who goes by the name “SUSPC7” spoke to The Verge and shared his annoyance after his complaint was put aside by the developer on Discord which made him angry; but admitted he shouldn’t have used YouTube HQ shooting as an example, he was just trying t be funny, he said.

Obviously I was just trying to be funny and shouldn’t have used the YouTube shooting as an example of that, basically saying they might answer my question if I did the same, but it was all just a joke that got blown out of proportion

It seems the punishment fits the crime in this case but remarks like these must never be tolerated.