Pikachu Themed New 2DS XL Launching In North America on January 26


The 3DS will never die, because Nintendo will keep finding ways of selling us the system over and over again, even when it’s nearing its seventh birthday. Take this, for instance- Nintendo has announced that the amazingly cute Pikachu themed New 2DS XL will be launching in North America later this month, on January 26.

The Pikachu model will cost $160; it doesn’t come with anything included, but you get a gloriously cute Pikachu themed DS, and really, what else could you want for yourself? It’s going to be real hard to stop myself from getting one of these…

If you want to play some Pokemon on your new Pikachu 2DS, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon just came out, and Detective Pikachu will be launching on March. Plus, of course, there’s a dozen Pokemon games available on the system already, so you’ll have no shortage of catching them all stuff on the system.


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