Paper Mario: Color Splash sheds its RPG roots for an action-adventure with charm


Paper Mario: Color Splash was one of the vital fashionable video games on present at E3, quietly tucked away behind closed doorways in a nook of Nintendo’s sales space that few noticed. Away from the clamour of Zelda downstairs, I discovered Color Splash to be charming and really snug in its mix of humour and lightweight puzzle fixing.

But, away from the excitement of E3, many Nintendo followers responded in a different way. Paper Mario didn’t go down nicely amongst devotees of the collection watching its demo proven on Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse livestream. For many, Color Splash was a return to the lighter role-playing of the Paper Mario collection’ final entry, 3DS outing Sticker Star. Once once more, gamers use a card-based system to attract upon assist and launch assaults relatively than permitting for a number of social gathering members.

It’s not as nice a disconnect between Nintendo and followers as this 12 months’s Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a recreation so broadly disliked that it has barely been seen since its E3 look final 12 months. And it should not be. Federation Force removes the Metroid collection’ beloved essential character, mechanics and throws its established artwork fashion within the bin. Color Splash remains to be very a lot a Paper Mario recreation, though one with a modified focus from the collection’ origins.

Fans will recognise the Paper Mario collection’ typical intricate diorama areas, with papercraft parts to work together with. The twist this time round is restoring color to things which have had it drained out of them. Restore it by way of a flick of your hammer, inexplicably, and the merchandise will spring again to life.

“For this recreation we needed to make it an action-adventure,” producer Risa Tabata confirmed to me. “You’re most likely already conscious of the Mario & Luigi RPG collection of video games, and our efforts with this recreation [Color Splash] have been to offer one thing completely different to that.”

It’s doubtless not one thing which followers will wish to hear – a affirmation of Nintendo’s change in method to the Paper Mario collection that started with Sticker Star. But for followers of the collection who disliked that recreation specifically, Tabata stated Nintendo had realized some classes.

“Some of the issues we have targeted on previously are the humour and a well-put-together story,” she stated when requested what long-time followers of the collection will discover acquainted. “That’s one thing we have actually targeted on for this title.”

A standard criticism of Sticker Star was its lack of total narrative, one thing which Nintendo has reinstated this time round. That’s to not say you must anticipate a BioWare RPG – simply that Nintendo has targeted on story slightly tougher for Color Splash.

Helping dole out the story this time round is Huey, a magical paint bucket, who holds an identical function to Kersti in Sticker Star. Huey is the one companion Mario may have, though Nintendo has stated that is to permit him to type a detailed bond with gamers. By the time the story ends, Tabata stated, “you will most likely cry”.


Backgrounds can typically be ripped up, torn down, rolled up and unfurled. It’s sort-of much like how cloth was handled in Yoshi’s Woolly World.

In the part I performed Huey was stuffed with issues to say, and the script was as sharp as any recreation within the collection earlier than it. Color Splash additionally depends on a solid of acquainted characters and Mushroom Kingdom races, relatively than inventing its personal. Expect “regular Mario universe” characters as the sport’s essential focus then, reminiscent of Peach, Toad and “a well-known inexperienced man” – whereas the Koopalings are the sport’s antagonists.

Combat entails utilizing the battle playing cards you have collected by swiping them up from the GamePad’s display onto the TV. Then there’s the same old timing mechanic to consider, the place hitting buttons on the proper time powers up your assaults. Mario and enemies nonetheless have a HP bar, but it surely looks like a hangover from his earlier totally RPG adventures.

Your enjoyment of Color Splash is more likely to hinge upon whether or not you’ll be able to take pleasure in this newest Paper Mario recreation as an action-adventure, relatively than damning it outright for not being an RPG. The YouTube embed above has an eye-opening wish to dislike ratio, and I perceive the place that stage of upset comes from; my favorite Paper Mario recreation stays Thousand Year Door again on GameCube. But there is a enjoyable, humorous recreation beneath this debate – one thing I’ve by no means significantly felt about Metroid Prime: Federation Force – and I feel it deserves an opportunity.