Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 review


My first thought: they’ve cocked it up. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 begins with a tutorial, and a reasonably ugly one at that. I did not go giddy for Championship Edition and its DX remix as a result of they sat beneath a weighty, obligatory tutorial – they’re blistering, easy, high-score chasing experiences you are supposed to have the ability to simply decide up. So why was Championship Edition 2 throwing up pages of textual content about bloody boss battles? I used to be so upset I switched the PS4 off.

Thankfully, it pans out. The tutorial is there to introduce what’s been layered on prime of the method for the reason that remix of the unique remix – slight however essential adjustments with issues like gauges, braking, meters and, sure, bosses. Viewed on this remoted sequence it looks like a multitude, nevertheless it (principally) clicks when you begin getting caught in.

As all the time, Pac-Man is all about huffing up the dots in a degree, switching his focus to ghosts when briefly strengthened by an influence pellet. The Championship Edition model of the traditional removes many of those dots, turning the sport right into a time-trial gauntlet to be rigorously adopted – one thing simpler mentioned than performed when the sport hurries up. Grab sufficient dots right here and the sport will spawn a chunk of fruit, which can fling Pac-Man to a brand new board of recent dots to clear. Repeat till the clock runs down.


Any extra of this and I am going to want a lie down.

The trick to success is to following the optimum path – once more, simpler mentioned than performed – which in flip additionally has you scooch previous rows of slumbering ghosts, waking them up and having them be a part of the closest of the principle ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, pub quiz followers) making what the sport likes to name a ghost practice. Gobble the ability pellet, which turns up alongside fruit every now and then, and all of it goes a bit Southern Rail as ghost trains go haywire and scatter wildly across the degree. The path they’re following is printed on the display, however chasing them down feels a bit random, chaotic and irksome in a recreation that shines due to its pace and precision.

At instances it is arduous to not want for DX’s less complicated instances, the place you turned tail and instantly consumed a conga line of ghosties in a cathartic, well-earned purge. Namco lays it on fairly thick with its frantic 3D animations, too, and consuming a ghost practice or advancing to the subsequent stage comes throughout as a bit of too busy, although the sport’s trippy electronica really feel nearly holds beneath the strain. Maybe I am simply getting outdated, nevertheless it’s all a bit a lot.

This slight random issue of the ghost trains will likely be Championship Edition 2’s greatest level of rivalry – I feel it spoils issues considerably, making it messier and fewer targeted than earlier than. I am positive individuals will argue concerning the deserves of among the different adjustments, too, corresponding to how colliding with a ghost is now not instantly deadly, and the inclusion of one other ghost kind which roams round as type of spooky pinball bumper.

That’s to not say chasing high-scores on Championship Edition 2 is not addictive. It completely is. But among the new components at play right here overload the expertise a bit of, taking the main target away from what needs to be greatest hazard: your individual hand-eye coordination and people tragic moments the place you realised you have simply made a whole hash of it, scrambling round in a panic after zipping massively off-course. The wallowing three seconds I prefer to name the pre-restart blues.


Behold, the great thing about taking part in on pre-release leaderboards.

The factor is, Championship Edition 2 desires to pressure you into its breakneck tempo quicker than ever earlier than – Pac-Man accelerates as much as max pace very quickly, and the overall push for extra, extra, extra signifies that a median rating right here is already dwarfing the DX world document. Crank it as much as 11! Who desires to go quicker! The complete recreation is lit in saccharine neon hue, as if Tron was having a very unhealthy migraine, so 5 minutes on the brand new board is sufficient to make your mind really feel prefer it’s being pelted with a hailstorm of radioactive Skittles.

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There’s nonetheless a beneficiant quantity of recreation in right here, too, with a number of issue modes throughout ten boards and a subsequent (and extra throwaway) journey mode. While most of your time will probably be spent chasing a high-score throughout the ‘fundamental’ CEII stage, the alternate options choices will help refresh your senses. Much like among the traditional examples of this ilk, this surfeit of choices means you are all the time capable of be chasing, advancing or getting nearer to being higher at one thing, someplace. Those boss battles, although? Still garbage.

I am a bit of torn right here, as a result of finally I feel it is nice Namco has experimented with what was arguably a near-perfect method in Championship Edition DX. I like that they took a threat, principally, even when I feel that is the least profitable of the three Championship Edition video games. Still, I feel it is commendable that every one three are completely different sufficient to be price taking part in, and my night plans for the subsequent two weeks (no less than) will largely revolve round dates with Championship Edition 2’s leaderboards.

Pac-Man’s newest may fall a bit of in need of its predecessors, then, and a few of its design selections are greater than a bit of suspect, nevertheless it nonetheless makes it to the ability pellet in time.