Overwatch Patch Nerfs Mercy POTGs, Increases Eichenwalde Payload Speed


Tired of Mercy getting Play of the Game along with her Resurrect means and negating your quintuple kill? A brand new patch went reside for Overwatch yesterday that ought to repair that.

The patch notes don’t clarify how however observe that gamers “ought to now see fewer Plays of the Game that includes Mercy’s Resurrection means”. It additionally elevated the payload velocity on Eichenwalde following suggestions that defenders had an excessive amount of of a bonus on the map.

Other updates embrace a brand new Match Complete display screen for aggressive matches, changing the Round Complete display screen when a match is over. Bug fixes additionally abound together with one which prevented triple kills from being introduced after three or extra kills; gamers acquiring ability rankings that had been larger than their precise ranking; and Junkrat’s RIP-Tire not receiving credit score for kills and different figures. There’s additionally the routine repair for Reaper Shadow Stepping to unintended places, this time on Hollywood.

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Article supply: http://gamingbolt.com/overwatch-patch-nerfs-mercy-potgs-increases-eichenwalde-payload-speed