Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Review – An Absolute Gem


The calendar year was 2007, a buddy of mine explained to me about a game referred to as Odin Sphere and questioned me to give it a check out. Released through the waning times of the PS2, Odin Sphere was overshadowed by flashy video games on the model new era led by Wii, 360 and the PS3. This guide to a lot of avid gamers missing out on the experience, together with myself.

I observed myself also chaotic playing God of War two and Dracula X Chronicles as properly as up coming gen video games like Bioshock, Metroid Prime 3 and Heavenly Sword, to spend notice to an obscure title and the name Odin Sphere fell to the wayside of my gaming memories.

nine a long time handed and I by no means gave that game a second considered, till this June when the identical buddy knowledgeable me about incoming release of a remake of the first Odin Sphere and strongly advised that I give it some notice as it was an experience that I would not regret.

Regretably my dear buddy handed away just before I could permit him know that he was suitable all alongside. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is an absolute gem of a game, with one of a kind mix of presentation and gameplay, which speaks to the coronary heart of preferences of avid gamers like me and my buddy and most likely you as properly.

In which most modern Motion RPGs stick to the framework popularized the first Legend of Zelda, Odin Sphere dares to deviate from the formulation and stick to the game framework laid down by video games like Zelda II: Experience of Connection and River Town Ransom.

At its core Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is an Motion RPG that attributes overcome mechanics of aspect-scrolling defeat-em-ups merged with crafting systems and levelling trees for capabilities and character attributes.

The game mixes this aspect-scrolling gameplay with magnificently hand drawn 2d sprites and a colourful overall aesthetic that beautifully complements its wondrous tale that can take inspiration from numerous western mythologies.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Set in the land of Erion, the game tells the tale of war in between kingdoms from position of watch of 5 different figures and unfolds an enriching narrative that tackles both equally nationwide royal politics as properly as particular triumphs and misfortunes.

Starting with the Valkyrie princess Gwendolyn, the game specials with every character sequentially as every them is presented their possess unbiased journey with a comprehensive tale arc.

As the game progresses these discrete arcs turn out to be interweaving tales wherever the link in between the figures is nebulous at very first but as the threads of causation start to get shape the motives and relationships in between major figures will become crystal clear.

On the entire, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir’s narrative has a fairy tale like top quality and like all common tales, follows themes of honour, greed, glory, revenge, appreciate and tragedy. This gels beautifully with Odin Sphere Liefthrasir’s artwork type which appears to be like images from storybook arrive to life.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir 2

Odin Sphere’s presentation has a timeless top quality to it. Not only are its significant sprites beautifully drawn and the lush backgrounds strikingly vibrant, but the correct depth of the game’s visuals arrive from how every action is exquisitely animated comprehensive with minimal touches like different eating, running, leaping and idle animations for every playable character.

Like its artwork type Odin Sphere’s audio style also melds beautifully with the game’s typical aesthetic which evokes the marvel of ageless fairy tales that seize the imagination of people generations after their conception.

Depending on the area and the condition Odin Sphere’s orchestral soundtrack moves easily from bubbly and cheerful tunes to solemn and melancholic melodies, though the voice acting competently provides on the subtleties of its a little melodramatic dialogue that gives the overall presentation an aura of a theatrical play.


Core action in Odin Sphere revolves around hack and slash gameplay that contains applying floor, climbing, mid-air, sprint and charged assaults alongside with unlocked capabilities and Psypher (magic weapon) powers though guarding, sliding and dodging enemy assaults.

In addition to this aspect-scrolling action, the game attributes a progression loop that contains accumulating loot, harvesting fruits, crafting merchandise and levelling-up all the though seeking to take care of character’s stock.

Odin Sphere Leiftherasir attributes very deep product crafting mechanics that consist of mixing magic potion ingredients with alchemy as properly as accumulating ingredients and recipes to improve fruits and create culinary treats.

Eating foodstuff enables gamers to replenish some of their wellbeing and also stages up every character to improve their HP, assault, defence as properly as other stats.

These large assortment of savoury delicacies and sweet deserts can not only be ready by amassing recipes and ingredients but also procured from select eateries with currency dropped by defeated enemies.

odin sphere 4

Defeating enemies also benefits gamers with purple sprites referred to as phozons which act as a resource to stage up every character’s unique capabilities, Psypher weapons and magic powers, therefore allowing for gamers to improve the ability and sum of moves in their arsenal.

Moreover Odin Sphere Leifthrasir’s game movement demands gamers to start out in a household phase at the starting of every tale scenario. There participant is equipped to collect data from NPCs and get merchandise from merchants to get ready for battle.

Leaving the household phase opens up the world map wherever gamers are presented an overview of the land of Erion and equipped to select their up coming place from a assortment of areas obtainable for play.

These areas are significant spots inside of the world of Erion that have distinctive world themes, ranging from castle, town and ruins to forest, ice and lava.

odin sphere 5

Each and every area properties different levels connected to every other in framework of a maze. These levels are critical to tale progression and are ordinarily divided into the next 4 forms:

Struggle Phase is wherever the participant fights enemies. These levels loop back again on to by themselves, allowing for participant to scroll infinitely devoid of backing up into a corner. Gamers cannot shift to another phase till they defeat all the enemies in that phase.

Totally free Phase is a more linear area which could or could not be host to some enemies. These levels make it possible for gamers to explore and go away the phase devoid of necessitating them to defeat all or any of the enemies.

Rest Phase is wherever gamers can communicate to NPCs and interact with merchants. These levels do not household any enemies and ordinarily element a checkpoint aura that enables participant to immediately teleport to another checkpoint in a phase that the participant has explored in that area.

Lastly there is a Boss Phase that is fundamentally the end result of that area and ordinarily properties the most effective enemy of that place.

Not only does the game give gamers the advised character stage just before heading into any Boss or Struggle phase but it also grades players’ effectiveness on time taken, combo chains, capabilities utilised, injury received and benefits the gamers accordingly with merchandise and currency.

odin sphere 6

Nonetheless Odin Sphere attributes a lot of “backtracking” as every of the 5 major figures journey by the identical established of areas in different order. While the enemy positioning, boss encounters and stage framework transform from marketing campaign to marketing campaign, the participant has to essentially experience the identical 8 areas at the very least 5 occasions just before the finish of the game.

What helps make this stage reuse suitable is that the core action gameplay variations significantly from one particular character’s marketing campaign to the up coming, as every of the five figures is uniquely different in not just his or her magic gem imbued Psypher weapons but also movements, assaults, capabilities and special powers.

Gwendolyn is a svelte warrior princess that takes advantage of her Psypher spear to do swift close assortment pokes and slashes. Her manoeuvrability is centered on confined gliding, allowing for her to do mid-air multi-hit combo juggles and her talent progression is centered on new spear stab techniques as properly as powers centered on cold and ice.

The affable Prince Cornelius is an adorably undersized hero that depends on his significant sword Psypher to do effective slashes. His modest demeanour enables him to quickly shift in the battle area and avoid some enemy assaults, but it also helps make sure enemies hard to get to. He is, nonetheless, aided by verticality of his double jumps and his capabilities centered on furious sword spin assaults and lightning magic.

odin sphere 7

Mercedes is a petite youth that fully variations the type of play from close overcome melee to hold away zoning with her flying capacity and her weapon of preference a crossbow Psypher. Her talent progression is centered on running magic bullets and her spells enhance her normal assaults and make it possible for her to summon allies or knock enemies away.

The grim Shadow Knight Oswald is an edgy warrior that utilizes his crimson psypher sword to hack his enemies and include to his berserker gauge that boosts his speed and ability on use. His talent is made up of harnessing black flames to warp throughout the phase as properly as unleash devastatingly effective shadow assaults.

Lastly there is Velvet a solemn beauty that assaults by whipping her chain psyphers, mirroring gameplay of God of War’s chain blades, which not only make her practical at mid-assortment overcome but also enables her to swing around the phase like Spiderman. Her capabilities revolve around doing swings and twirls with her chain psypher as properly as using fireplace magic to offer effective and lasting melt away injury.

The capacity to play entire tale campaigns with these 5 figures adds both equally gameplay and narrative depth as it gives gamers the opportunity to experience the game by very various established of capabilities and talents as properly as a glimpse at the politics in world of Erion from five different position of sights.

odin sphere 8

What’s more Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is both equally a Remake and a Remaster. In addition to showcasing a comprehensive remake of the first game, Leifthrasir contains a “Classic Mode” that retains the first Odins Sphere’s game mechanics though remastering its visuals.

This Traditional manner does away with the frame amount concerns and recurrent loading occasions of the first Odin Sphere but it retains what a lot of regarded to be convoluted mechanics that the builders transformed in the Remaster.

Consequently veteran gamers can relive Odin Sphere experience in its first glory though newcomers, like myself, can not only play the game they skipped in 2007 but also recognize the effort and hard work builders set in modifying mechanics for the remake “Refined” version.

Vanillaware not only up-to-date the game in its Remake wherever gamers no lengthier have to contend with a stamina meter for essential assaults or pause the game to select special powers by a menu screen, but also streamlined old currency mechanic and levelling procedure, with addition of new merchandise, capabilities and powers as properly as the capacity to customise their input commands.

odin sphere 9

With the Traditional and Refined versions of the game obtainable in one particular disk, gamers have so a lot content at their disposal from playing more than 5 character campaigns to amassing merchandise, ingredients, fifty+ foodstuff and 25+ alchemy recipes as properly as locating new capabilities and powers for every of the 5 figures.

Nonetheless if its major game mechanic of 2d hack & slash brawling, talent levelling, crafting and stock management does not audio appealing to you, then all that content will not matter as Odin Sphere Leifthrasir will most probably truly feel tiresome and repetitive.

On the other hand if all that looks like suitable up your alley then the game’s 40-60 hour tale marketing campaign will arrive as welcome justification to explore the one of a kind and wondrous mix of presentation and gameplay in the world of Odin Sphere.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is definitely not a game for everybody. It is a one of a kind experience that caters to niche flavor. For these that appreciate and worth these types of encounters, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir guarantees to provide a certainly unforgettable experience.

If you are a supporter of 2d artwork, aspect scrolling defeat-em-up gameplay and charming fantasy tales, you owe it to by yourself to pick up Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and avoid missing out on this absolute gem of a game.