Nioh: Where To Get All Unique Armor & Weapon Sets


Only on PS4: Need more fancy, unique outfits in Nioh? Here’s where to go (and what to do) to collect special sets.

Instead of tracking down the very best gear, you’ll need to craft, enhance, and hunt to increase the randomly-generated items that drop all over the haunted Japanese islands of Nioh. Because they’re so similar, we just have to compare Nioh to Dark Souls — but how you acquire armor sets is (mostly) totally different. There’s very little armor found in the environment here, and you’ll find tons of different versions of the same outfit as you progress. The loot system shares more with Diablo than Dark Souls, and that’s definitely an interesting change of pace.

But, while most weapon and armor are random drops, certain gear can only be collected from a specific source; mission completion rewards, special treasure chests, unique enemy drops, or even random drops from specific bosses — there are plenty of unique armor sets and weapons available in Nioh. Here’s how you can get your foreign hands on each set.

Where To Get All The Best Armor Sets | Unique Gear Locations

[Work-in-Progress: Check back later for more gear locations.]

Most of the armor and weapons in Nioh are randomly dropped by enemies or bosses, but some special sets are unlocked by completing missions, or are only available to collect when defeating very specific bosses. Here we’ll list all the unique armor / weapons available in Nioh, and how to acquire them.

Ninja Set

  • Mission: The Way of the Ninja (Novice)
  • How to Collect: Simply complete the Way of the Ninja submission in the Dojo. It’s available after completing the first Main Mission in the Kyushu Region, so it’s available right after you gain access to the world map.

Crusader Set

  • Mission: Tower of London
  • How to Collect: In the area with the pair of armored knights, enter through the open gates — there are two treasure chests in the exterior section that always drop parts of the Crusader Armor set.
    • You can also kill the pair of crusaders at the tower entrance that leads up to the Shrine and the Derrick boss. They will randomly drop Crusader armor parts.

Raging Bull Set

  • Mission: Finder’s Keeper’s
  • How to Collect: Reward for completing the Finder’s Keeper’s sub-mission in the Kyushu region.

Warrior of the West’s Honour Set

  • Mission: The Spirit Stone Slumbers
  • How to Collect: Randomly dropped by the final boss of the mission, Tachibana Muneshige. You’ll need to defeat him multiple times to get all the drops — or battle him again in his sub-mission. Beware, the sub-mission battle against Muneshige is significantly harder.

More sets coming soon!

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