Nioh: All Illusory Walls (Nurikabe Demon) Locations


Only on PS4: Bust through all the illusory walls in Nioh with these demonic Nurikabe locations. It’s all about secret rooms (and finding them) here.

Just like Dark Souls before it, there are fake walls scattered across the many main mission areas of Nioh. But, to change things up, you’ll encounter monstrous wall-creatures instead of simple illusion. Once the wall is attacked, the creature will reveal itself — or you can just gesture to the wordless Yokai and it will open up without a fight.

These hidden walls are a little easier to locate than in the Dark Souls series. You won’t have to run around attacking every suspicious wall you encounter. This is all about the eyes, and those monster eyes always appear when your character gets close. Illusory walls are worth seeking out too. You’ll find hidden healing springs, treasure chests, and extra items. Lots of goodies!

All Illusory Walls (Nurikabe Demon) Locations | Secret Rooms Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new hidden walls.]

Illusory walls in Nioh actually take the form of creepy Nurikabe wall-monsters. When you approach an illusory wall, you’ll see a pair of misshapen eyes appear in the wall. Attack it a few times to make the wall monster reveal itself.

If you’re feeling peaceful, use the “Oh No” gesture to open the door.

Main Mission: Deep in the Shadows

  • Nurikabe #1: From the Boss’s Room locked door, follow the path down to the closed wooden door on the right. Go inside and take care of the bandits, then go left into a dark dead end room. Move along the right-wall in this cave to discover a pair of eyes. It leads to a previously inaccessible treasure chest.
  • Nurikabe #2: Past the second shrine, enter the room with neon-glowing shrooms. Find the Kodama locations, then drop down on level to the right. There’s a suspiciously smooth wall nearby where you drop down — attack the eyes to reveal a hidden passage.

Main Mission: The Spirit Stone Slumbers

  • Nurikabe #1: In the deep area of the catacombs that’s full of soldier statues, start at the nearby Shrine. Go up the steps (past the golem and Kodama location) and go through the left path after taking the stairs down and entering the larger chamber that’s filled with statues. Continue into a room with a suspiciously large flat wall. Get close and the eyes will reveal themselves.

More coming soon!

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