Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide – Bows, Hammers, Axes, Swords, Shields, Best Weapons, Weapon Tips


Monster Hunter will soon be out to the general public. The two betas that have gone by so far have told us about the various different weapons that will be available in the game.

This is important as you want an edge over your fellow players when the game releases and knowing the weapons and how they are different from one another can be imperative to being good at the game.

This Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide will tell you about all of the weapons and ensure you have a better understanding of the game.

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Weapons in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, there are a total of fourteen different weapon types that have been confirmed by the developers. It is good to know that all of the weapons have some kind of use in the game and you will have a lot of different weapons available no matter what type of weapon you chose.

As always, remember that you can yourself try each of the different weapons to see which one of those fits your style of play best. Now we will take a look at each of the weapon types and see how they are different.

Bows are good if you want to start a fight. It is best if you use them in a party along with people who have melee weapons. You can coat your bows with poison to increase their effectiveness or you can charge your attack for more damage.

Charge Blades
These blades allow you a sword and shield combo or an axe. These blades are very versatile as they can support a defensive playstyle and an offensive one. You can also change stances quickly to ensure you can adapt to different enemies.

Dual Blades
This option gives you a lot of speed but less damage. It is good for those who like to get out of the battles really fast. Pick this option if you prefer playing like an assassin and doing quick attacks which can inflict a fair amount of damage.

This type has a lot of damage but is very slow, If you can learn to time your attacks correctly, then this is the way to go as it will make you incredibly effective.

This type gives you the option for both melee and ranged combat. The weapon can transform so you should use it if you are looking for versatility then this is it.

Great Swords
They are perhaps the heaviest weapons available, and thus they are essentially like a more risk but a more rewardable hammer. You also have the ability to charge your attacks which give you the chance to stun the monsters.

Hunting Horns
These weapons work well for players who like to play a supporting role. They allow you to buff party members with all of the sorts of different types of them. It can do damage to all sorts of monsters but this type is only viable as a defensive option.

Heavy Bowguns
Bowguns are similar to lances, in that they can be used for melee and ranged combat. They deal a ton of damage but lack the mobility. You also do not have a shield so these weapons are good if you only want to attack.

This is a well-balanced option as it gives you a good range of a good damage. You can also have a shield with it which makes defense easier.

Long Swords
They give you a massive amount of mobility and a decent range. You can also do combos quite well with it and the Spirit Blade will give you the option to increase your damage for a short amount of time.

Switch Axes
This weapon is perhaps a mix of the Great Sword and the Long Sword. You have two options, you can either have more mobility and less damage or lesser mobility with a greater damage output. The weapon has versatility but is not that good in terms of range, so you need to be up close to making an impact.

Light Bowguns
These guys try to go on the bottom side of the damage and attempt to compensate for it with a high amount of mobility. You can run around firing shells at enemies and generally be a nuisance.

Sword and Shield
This should not have to be explained. It is a sword and a shield which you can use to do a normal amount of damage and have a normal defense.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!


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