Monster Hunter: World Best Ways To Farm Money From Spring Blossom Event


The Spring Blossom event is currently ongoing in Monster Hunter: World to celebrate the coming of the new season. This festival brings with a whole lot of new events to participate in, new weapons and items to collect and also lots of cash and decorations to collect. There are lots of rewards to be collected by finishing up the special quests.

There is one quest in particular that allows you to farm a lot of cash and also earn a lot of rewards. The quest is called ‘Triple Threat Throwdown’ and you can replay this quest as many times as you want, until the event ends on April 19.

You can stat this quest by going to the “Event” tab after you go to a quest board. Now, select ‘Triple Threat Throwdown’. Before you start the quest, make sure you equip items which grant the ‘Legiana’s Favor’ skill. Additionally, try and consume any items that may increase your luck. You can try getting the ‘Lucky Cat’ skill or you can try increasing your luck equipping the Bandit Mantle.

Once you have enough items and your luck is high enough, go ahead and do the quest and kill all the target monsters. The monsters drop many scale drops and at the end of the quest, you will be rewarded with decorations. You can keep repeating this quest over and over to earn cash and decorations.


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