Monster Hunter World Augmentations Guide – How to Get Streamstones, Adding Augmentations


The grinding in Monster Hunter World continues once you have hit the end of your Weapon Tree and upgraded all of your armor. The Augmentation System will ensure that you can further enhance the strength of your weapons by using Streamstones.

These items are very hard to come by though, so beware that this will be a long and tiring grind. This Monster Hunter World Augmentations Guide will tell you how can you get the Streamstones that you need in order to use the Augmentation System. After that, we will tell you how to actually upgrade your weapons and armor using the Streamstones that you have.

Monster Hunter World Augmentations Streamstones

Before you try to upgrade your weapons through the Augmentation System, you need to find Streamstones. Chances are you have finished the campaign by now, so you can go on specific quests to find these Streamstones.

Get to HR 13 and you will see that you have Investigations which revolve around Tempered Monsters. These are Large Monsters which have an attack which is much more than their Normal Variants.

You can still take them down doing the same amount of damage that you did but you have to avoid their attacks as they are devastating. Look for tracks that make your Scoutflies turn blue, this way you will be able to track them down and hunt them. After this, you can kill the Tempered Monster and you will eventually get your first Streamstone.

How to Use the Augmentation System

You will need to take out over 10 Tempered Monsters to get your first Streamstone. Moreover, you need to keep on taking them down until you get the Warrior’s Streamstone as that is the only one that can unlock the Augmentation Ability.

An alternative way to unlock the Augmented Ability is to defeat an Elder Dragon but they only unlock after you have reached Hunter Rank 49 and completed the ‘Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands’ quest to unlock the third Tempered Monster tier.

Once you have unlocked your Augmentation Ability, you will see that each weapon has three slots that can be Augmented. You can use these slots by using the Streamstone and a gem which originates from a powerful monster.

The Augmentations can increase anything from attack to affinity to defense and health regeneration.

If you are planning to Augment your armor, then it is much simpler. You can use the Armor Streamstones and lift the upgrade limit of your armor. This will usually double the number of times you can upgrade your armor, making it much more durable and ready to hunt for further Streamstones.

Streamstones are so rare that chances are that Augmentations will be something that only the most dedicated players ever find. They are supposed to be a massive influence on the mid-game though, so chances are that many players will eventually try to find them.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter World Augmentations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!


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