LEGO The Incredibles Complete Guide – All Red Brick Locations, Completing Challenges, Heroes Cheat Codes, And More


Lego The Inccredibles is a game in which you get to play as the Parr family and make use of all of their distinct abilities in an effort to fight crime. There’s a lot to do in the game, with collectibles to collect, and even many customization options to alter your favorite characters’ appearance. This guide will help you out with all you will need to know about the game.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


There are 12 red bricks you can find throughout the game which can be used to unlock gameplay extras and cheats. The video below will show you how to get all 12 bricks!

The timestamps for each brick shown in the video are listed below.

  • Classic Mode – 00:08
  • Pickup Detector – 01:07
  • Destroy on Contact – 02:20
  • Edna Mode… Mode – 04:13
  • Fast Interact – 05:23
  • Invincibility – 06:43
  • Stud Magnet – 09:14
  • X10 Studs – 10:16
  • X8 Studs – 11:32
  • X6 Studs – 12:51
  • X2 Studs – 13:37
  • Swing Mode – 14:42

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