Into the Breach Console Commands Guide – How To Access Console, All PC Commands


All the Into the Breach Console Commands you need to know about. These Into the Breach Commands will make your game much easier to win and according to your desire.

Into the Breach Console Commands

First, you will need to open the in-game console by pressing backquote/tilde (`/~) key. By typing ‘help’, you will see the default commands. Many of the commands will crash the game if the commands are not put correctly. In this Into the Breach Console Commands Guide, we have shared all available Console Commands that we have found so far.

Documented Commands

Console CommandsEffects
killEliminates all enemies in the city
richGrants you 1000 rep and 30 power cores
eventadd event
incidentadd incident
invasionadd invasion event
animtest animation
sanimtest animation (on board square)
reloadrefresh lua scripts
dayset the current day

Hidden Commands

Console CommandsEffects
resolutionChanges resolution of the game window. Specify resolution in pixels. Minimum resolution 800*600. Can have odd resolutions e.g. 2560×600.
makeitsoGives player all pilots. Does not give the player
unlock achGives player all achievements. Not sure if the achievements are added on steam.
achGives the player the specified achievement. e.g. “Global_Victory_Any”.
debugToggles debug mode. Allow you to use more commands.
popupsEffects are unknown.
music_versionToggles between “music version 1” and “music version 2”. Effects are unknown.
gog_clearClears all achievements in the gog version of the game. Only works once. Effects are unknown in the game.
steam_clearClears all achievements in the steam version of the game only used once. Effects are unknown
humanUnlocks non-existing pilot for the player. creates “Pilot Found” popup. Popup displays incorrectly. Possible argument required.
populatedEffects are unknown.
podSpawns a Timepod. Multiple timepods can also be spawned.
rainTo enable rain in a mission type, Outputs “set rain to 3” in the console.
rain_typeTo disables rain during a mission. Outputs “set rain to 0” in the console.
pawnSpawns a unit with the given pawn name. e.g. “PunchMech”. Can have many units of the same faction e.g. player faction
winInstantly wins the mission. Last mission effect is unknown.
To Be Formattedpressing tab whilst in the console will enter lua mode
powerGrants and reduces the number of powergrid written.
moraleGrants and reduces the number of powergrid written.
moneyGrants and reduces the number of reputation written.
peopleGrants and reduces the number of civilians-saved written.
coresGrants and reduces the number of power-cores written
weaponGives the weapons written, if no weapon is written a random weapon is given.
pilotGives the pilot written, if no pilot is written a random pilot is given.
XPGives/subtracts the number of XP written to all pilots, can level up, cannot by de-leveled.
repairGives/subtracts the number of repair kits written Unknown effect.
textA pilot will say their line for the event written, if no event is specified a random line is given instead.
turnChanges the turn number, meaning the victory in ‘x’ turns also changes.
rewardbrings up the perfect island rewards.
instantwinInstantly wins the round.
endInstantly wins the round.
victoryTo win the game Type this command.
snowEnables snow.
resistExecutes resist special effects.
finalUnknown effect.
upgradeUnknown effect.
corpPrints “That corpotation does not exist” if value incorrect.
missionCrashes game without argument. Presume it provides mission rewards.
storeBrings up the store to acquire and sell goods.
mapeditAllows you to create your own maps, requires debug mode enabled
mapUnknown effect. Prints random (map?) names.
saveUnknown effect.
undoturnLoads the last undo save.
historyUnknown effect.
hideHides UI elements.
loadfontsReloads fonts.
testUnknown effect.

This is all we have in our Into the Breach Console Commands Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!