How to Create Awesome Profile Pics for Online Gaming

gamingIf you were a gamer, you would know that the gaming world is not the same place as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. At online gaming web such as Steam Community or Garena, they don’t really use their real name or put the real profile pictures. Gamers would come up with unique names such as Star Lord, Knife Thief and many more. The pictures used as profile picture are often the characters in game or avatar. This is why, someone need to have an awesome profile pics in order to enhance their unique style. Having a barbie avatar would not really suit a tough guy playing Dota or League of Legend. This article will teach you how to create awesome profile pics for online gaming.


We would recommend you to visit the webs apps such as Avatar Maker or Cartoon yourself as it is free and does not require any software download. You can start by choosing the gender “female” or “male”, then you can choose your face shape, eye, lip and many more. You can also choose your hairstyles and colours! If you made a mistake, don’t worry, you can redo and undo your works over and over again until you are satisfied. This is a very fun web app as it will help you cartoon yourself. You will see your face in a cartoon version. To added the coolness of your avatar, you can also put spectacles, hat or accessories. Face paint is also available. The clothes can also be chosen from the range of clothes provided. Once you are satisfied with your avatar, simply download it as have it as your new online gaming avatar.


Your profile pics would never be a boring one anymore. You can keep on coming for more once you feel like changing to a new one. Creating an avatar is very crucial and you don’t really want to have the same avatar as others. Be unique and cartoon yourself by using those web app. The web app does not require any software download and all that you need to save is your end result for your new profile pic which is awesome and better than others. Being a gamer, you need a unique identity and Avatar Maker or Cartoon Yourself will give you what you need without a single charge. It is not easy to get free profile pics with your avatar nowadays as some would cost money or talent. That is how you will get your new  profile pic everyday!