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Are you bored of the games you are currently playing?
Well, do not be afraid – We’ve found a site,, where you can get some nice time saver tips on similar games of your favorites!

Sandbox games – Find similar games on SimilarGaming
similargamingLet’s just admit it – games are incredibly fun to play and can be pretty addictive once you are really into it. It is so difficult not to do it! There will, however, be times when you are just tired of the games you play, although you have loved them like that. You’re ready to drop everything and move on to the next best game you can find – games that resemble those you’ve played and loved.

If that is the case, you will realize that it can be difficult to find similar games on sites like Google Play, iTunes, Steam or even on Facebook. The algorithms that they used to determine similar games are simply inefficient. Fortunately, after years of experience in helping players to search for games they may enjoy, we finally have our own website with only the best games like your favorites!

Finding a similar game on the site is very simple and clear

Just type in the name of the game you want to find – let’s take the virtual sandbox game, Roblox, as an example – in the search box at the top left of the screen; press “go” and you will be taken to a Games Like Roblox page that has been specially composed by us and our best algorithms.

If you are not sure which game to look for, but you know which genre you like, you can also easily find games like your favorite games in SimilarGaming. Right below the search box is a list of genres from which you can choose, depending on what you want to play on that day. The site covers a wide range of games, including hardcore games such as action games and MMO games for more casual games such as Mahjong and Solitaire.

Each game mentioned on the site also has its own descriptions to help you with your search. There is also a button that will refer you to the game’s assessment if you need more information before you commit yourself to a brand new game.

Sounds like a dream come true? Well, you can be sure! offers all the features you will ever need to find and play games like your favorites. When it comes to finding similar games, we are certainly the only ones you need. So, if you are curious to try our system, go to SimilarGaming now and start searching for your next favorite game!


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