Destiny 2 Guide: How To Farm Legendary Shards And Earn Exotic Currency


You’ve probably heard of Xur, the vendor who sells Exotic gear in Destiny– this kind person will be returning to Destiny 2 next week, when the raid goes love, and he can give you some high level Exotic gear that you can use to prepare yourself for endgame content.

The trouble is, he only accepts a very specific currency, Legendary Shards, in exchange. Legendary Shards are fairly easy to find- in this guide, we walk you through the steps:

  • Engage with Nightfall Strikes, Flashpoints, Lost Sector Chests, Raid Chests, Raid Encounters, Strike Bosses, Planetary Chests- you have random (but fairly high) chances of getting Shards this way
  • Break down useless Legendary gear: this earns you 2 shards each
  • Recommended- create three characters, and complete the weekly Nightfall, Raid, and Flashpoint with all three characters. Characters share inventory, so you can use this technique to farm more Shards for your main character
  • Break down useless Exotic gear: this earns you 10 shards each


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